Free URL Shortener Service


Hi People,

We at as a part of our platform has launched a URL shortener service primarily for long post URLs. But we have also released it to the public via with a full functioning API as well.

What is a URL Shortener?
A URL shortener is an online application that converts a regular URL (the web address that starts with http://) into its condensed format. The user only has to copy the full URL of a website and paste it into the URL shortening tool to come up with an abbreviated version that is around 10 to 20 characters long

It is FREE for all. So if you have a very long link you want to shorten, please make use of

You will also be able to track all your links and traffic sources. Good for all the marketers out there.

We welcome your feedback(s) and suggestion(s).

Thank you RadarLand


Bug: shortening a url without putting http:// before it results in a shortened url that redirects to{myurl}


Thanks @Diakon the idea is to be able to shorten your complete url regardless of wether it’s http, https, ftp, ftps, smtp and even vcf for address book programming. We will be adding an information on the page to include this. Or do you have a suggestion you would like to propose?

Really appreciate your comment.


Hmm… What I’m saying is, if I omit the scheme (ie instead of, the generated url points to Why not just assume it’s http if I omit it?


Makes sense. We were just thinking about all the other possible urls as well. Thanks @Diakon
Are you a marketer?


Um, no…


I don’t think you understand the problem @Diakon is talking about. It’s a bug in your system that should be fixed. Either you don’t understand or you care more about if he’s a marketer or something else.


@the_Ozmic I believe I understand what @Diakon is saying. The routing issue has been resolved. Thanks for your kind feedback.


@websoftweb, Why is your company logo upside-down, If thats the new style, It my first time of seeing that.


hi @timotew Thanks for asking, here is a post about the upside down logo.