Follow the 100 Days of UI design with context and a process in mind [Chimdindu Aneke]


oO Look! It’s Moving!!!



Thanks for listening. You were right in avoiding grey or dull colours. You definitely don’t want to give the user the impression that analogue is “off” and digital is “on”. (I think it’ll even be better to refer to it as a slider UI.)
The new design is great, but… Too many colours, possibly? Giving the background color to one of the clock types would also create that “weight” illusion, as well as decrease contrast. What I’d suggest (observed in Android UI too) is to remove the white by making the color of the groove same as the selected clock type. My two cents… :slight_smile:


Brilliant… great to see how it changes… and like @Diakon said, it’s more of a slider than just an “on and off” thing. Nice one

Even though we are not going far with this :smile: , a bit of easing at the beginning and a little addition to the already subtle end transition will make it perfect.

Thanks for bringing this to life.


Nailed it…Great lessons learnt from this again.

Awesome @Diakon


**Day 16 of 100: A profile overlay screen concept for

Functionality is part of UX too
UX is not just UI design, a functionally working feature of a site without much detail in the visual design is still perfect so far the users accomplish their task without any hassle. So Radar’s profile overlay screen works but it can be better. We can make changes to the following and see how the overall experience can be improved:

  • Distribute whitespace properly.
  • A user’s real name should be the main focal point and not username.
  • A bit of a creative touch.

Read full article for details

First Prototype

Second Protoype

Final look

What do you we think about this design? :slight_smile:


Prefer the 1st Prototype but amazing job


Day 17 of 100: Email receipt design — GTBank, FirstBank and Diamond Bank case study

Hi Radarians, i think you will enjoy today’s writeup on the design. Well… would love to know our opinions too on bank email notifications. Does it annoy us? Are you okay with the way has been presented to us? Do we even click on the Ads placed in the mail? etc

Excerpts from the design article

How can our banks improve email receipts?
I can keep on ranting but some things we can do to improve those screens are:

  • Make the most important detail obvious — transaction type and amount.
  • Communicate your brand — make your customers have confidence in you.
  • Ads are good — I won’t say you should do without them, but present it wisely — Placing them at the end of the main content won’t be a bad idea.
  • Remove unnecessary information whenever necessary
    culred from the full article, you will learn a lot from reading through.
    Let me know if you enjoyed it with your opinions too.




I think it’s cool. He is trying to design a progress bar that increases and dances to the tune as well.


Guy, please stick around for a while. I would need your UI skills very soon. Feel free to contact me ASAP.


Nice one :thumbsup:. I believe you designed this for mobile devices?

For the Diamond bank, the text color on the light-green background doesn’t seem right. I couldn’t read the text easily, I had to view the image in full screen.

PS. It could be my eyes, I’ve been staring at my PC for quite a while now.


Thanks Ben,

Yes it was designed for mobile. I intentionally ignored platform specs ( mobile covers )

It’s possible to create an email experience like that. If you are a fan of Inbox by Gmail you would have noticed how they convert mails to simple beautiful looking cards that focus on just the important things.

Hahahaha for the Diamond bank. I felt the same thing my brother and even tried to change a bit but I just decided to stick with their brand color and did not want to use any other color other than white for text ( did some other cool versions though) But I see your pain really. Good catch.


Day 18 of 100: Leaf Hunter Mobile Game Design Project— A thorough walk-through

Hi Radarians,
I am back again, Hurraaaaay!!! Sorry for the loooon delays sha.

Would love to know your thoughts on this one. Full read of the design process will give you more context though. :slight_smile:

From curiosity, research, content strategy, concept formation to sketches and finally to the birth of a prototype for Leaf Hunter.
LEAF HUNTER is a game where players destroy pattern-forming leaves in Leaf-land.

For more context and design process. Check out the article.



nice game idea