Figma file formats, saving and exporting options


My primary interest in Figma is for UI/UX design of Mobile Apps.

I have found it to be quicker and easier to jump into a Figma board and design anything, whether it be marketing collateral, app screens, icons and more. Their significant advancement of the pen tool is pushing design forward.

I would like to know if Figma can be exported for either Android or iOS app design. Prior to Figma, I use IonicFramework (Ionic Creator) and easily export HTML/CSS.

Please I need our professional designers to advise on how assets and codes can be exported.

I want to believe an android developer can easily design a mobile app sticking to the exact interface designed using Figma.

I would be glad if no reference to Sketch will be made. My question is specific to Figma.

All response will be much appreciated. Thanks.