Feedback Needed: Livestreaming Myself Writing JavaScript



Started recording myself writing JavaScript and it’s been super-interesting.

I’m having fun, being productive and doing it mostly for my benefit.

Looking for feedback on what I can do to improve my JavaScript or my presenting skills.

I’d prefer the feedback is polite, but I’d rather have my feelings hurt than miss out on crucial feedback.

Clip #1:



Feedback mopol, reporting for duty, even if I don’t understand any of it myself.


Nice concept. Would really love to watch but the videos are long sha :sweat_smile:.

Have you seen Scrimba? It is also a nice code streaming tool and there are ways you can monetise using Scrimba too. It is lightweight, and very shareable and interactive.


Yeah they are long, and I really hate that they are.

Once you start watching, you’ll underrated a bit better why it’s hard, and why making software is hard and challenging.

Decided I’m going to be showing me working on projects, paid and personal. Should be a fun experiment.