Fallshot. A Nicer way to say "I like you"


Hey guys. My first ever web app. Inspired by the instances of my Twitter brethren trying to shoot their shots with other Twitter brethren.
PS: I built this in a week after learning php in the prior week.
Test, Review, Critic.
If you find bugs, eat them. Thanks:



If i have the crush’s number why can’t i just send the text myself?

I think it is a better value proposition to just connect me (or send a txt on my behalf) to a random opposite gender.


Anxiety maybe? Hopeless Romantic?

However, what I had in mind was making the expression of feelings by an admirer a more playful and light-hearted experience. Whether that meets a value prop, in itself, perhaps not. Then again, perhaps.


Lol, I like this, you maybe on to something really big.