EveryOne Should Just Leave Seun of Nairaland the F**** Alone


I really see no need why over the years, self acclaimed tech dudes have taken it upon themselves to mount a siege on the Nairaland UI. Mehn, have you ever seen http://reddit.com ? or http://news.ycombinator.com ? Y not travel to the U.S and tell Alexis Ohanian how to run his site or Paul Graham? or If you are smarter than the entire YC, why have your startup not been accepted there? Or is it because you think Seun is easily reachable or a Nigerian?

Even http://Facebook.com have outdated UI on some parts of its site. Oh! send Zuck an imessage.

For the facts:

  1. He runs Nl.

  2. He has the product vision.

  3. He got it that huge… little wonder why you will never hear success like Jason or Sim Shagaya complain about it. Because its not easy to build something fucking huge. All the newer forums like http://4us.ng that came along with their better UI have all but died off. He must be doing something right dudes. Gattit?

Nigerians always giving unwanted advise since 1890 A.d

and as a user rightly stated here - Y U Backwardz, Nairaland Ads?

1). Nairaland has 1,386,486 users, and over 2million topics. Do you
know how much extra processing power and bandwidth it would take to run
any fancy pants javscript/css/jnode? Are you going to compensate him
when he has to pay his network and processing provider? Are you going to
lend him some bandwidth when it takes 2.5MB to deliver 40kB worth of
information? Are you going to help him migrate, and be there when the
migration fails, or when he discovers that the latest jnode doesn’t play
nice with the latest python on the latest Linux distro? Are you going
to code up and maintain the mobile version since a ton of users don’t
have the latest and greatest smartphones with unlimited dataplans?

Nairaland is falling with style or it just lacks innovation?

This shouldn’t be posted in the products category, kindly make the necessary change.



Dude I do agree with you that everyone should leave Seun the F*** alone because the topic has gotten old, died and resurrected again and not cuz of any of the reasons you so quaintly repeated.



I’d have said this post isn’t leaving him alone but… Let’s just leave him alone!


This story is for the gods

    > @binjoadeniran
     This story is for the gods



they are jealous of seun cos he has a sh*tty site that’s popular… same goes for linda… a person would think since the peeps complaining all claim to be coders they will build something better…

NL & LIB just proves how many beginner coders are in Nigeria since no one has built something better than those crappy sites.





Hello. I suppose you are close to Seun. Please tell him to make his ads open on new tabs. So advertisers on this site can convert clicks. The bounce rate from Nairaland traffic is over 70%. This is because when users click ads, the landing page opens their tab/windows. Taking them away from Nairaland completely. So his users either click the back button and return to Nairaland or just stay on the advertisers landing page and forget what they were doing on Nairaland. More often than not, they click the back buttob. Asides this. Users are not complaining about UI/UX so that’s fine. This small change shouldn’t be more than a few lines of code.


Not really. Anyone can take to coding at varying levels to varying degrees but it’s wrong to use NL x LIB as the acceptable standards available in the Nigerian webspace.

It’s more of an issue of design balance and what is right. Sure it’s just us designers being petty and yes, function is more relevant than form for the sort of venture Seun is running but not refreshing or not innovating or not testing out features that gives a delightful user experience (or not refreshing your UI, FFS!) kinda leaves you open to disruption. NL hasn’t attained the critical mass that it’s capable of yet and should be wary of agile ideas that could compete and overtake.

If you read the thread this was featured in, you’d have also read that it’s possible for him handle all of this easily. In my opinion, all these are part of the production process (hassles, bugs and failures inclusive) and no one should be using this to hide behind as excuses.

Finally -

I think it’s insulting to treat user feedback and suggestions as “unwanted advice”. If they are making suggestions, it means that they are very interested in using the service. Surely, not all suggestions align with the vision of the product/service (as awesome as some of them might be) but it shouldn’t be filed under “Unwanted Advice”

PS: Kindly highlight which parts of facebook STILL has outdated UI.


I didn’t write that LIB & NL are the standard i said THE ARE SH*T :rage:
every designer has a standard :angry: whether NL achieves what you think its capable of is not my business :astonished:
You write 1000 words just to reply :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Not going to happen


Sincerely, i think Nairaland has not started all, Seun deserve much more of the Fairyland.


leave Seun the F*** alone!!! This is beyond web design and implementation, read more about brand psychology(http://www.koganpage.com/product/brand-psychology-9780749471736).
craigslist.org is an example. Are there doing fine? yes. period!


Sorry but SEUN and LINDA are not coders…both just install and run a default template/software and start promoting…


What’s your point exactly?

Cause the comment made by @Godmode was clearly a pun.

For all the peeps who claim to be better programmers, simply go and build your own products (platform). Enough with the noise already. :confused:


We have a president that won’t talk or address issues before his health issue.
We have a Seun that won’t respond to all these things people are seeing as problems.

Cause anything you yarn 2baba go just dey bone. No be wetin dey for Naija na en dey for Rome

I dey hungry


Oh yeah!
Over there we know who’s replying who, not on NL.
Reddit || YC != NL

For me, NL just have to give the option of viewing replies below comments.