Electricity Bills API/Reseller Program


Hello Good morning guys, I wanted to know if anyone has clue on how to get an Electricity Bills Reselling Portal or API to resell.


How do I get access to API for Token Generation (Prepaid electric Billing)

You have to talk to the electricity discos, a couple of the discos have already implemented the service, you have to tell them you want to partner. Or you can also meet with third party organization that are already in partnership with the discos.


Ok thanks, can you recommend any partner ?


I know of baxibox, they used to partner with enugu disco. But I think they partner with ikeja disco too etc. So you can look them up on the internet.


@Mrolabola i just sent you a private message, i can hook you up with multiple discos for vending for electricity.


ok thanks, let me check


Please can anyone assist me on how I can get access to API (for Token generation of Prepaid Meter Billing) of major or all of the electric power supplying companies in Nigeria?

Many Thanks.


Hi @malikcyparks, this has already been discussed here - Electricity Bills API/Reseller Program. Let me move this conversation there, so we don’t have duplicate threads.


Perhaps @idiaro or @Mrolabola can help you with this issue, they seem to have solved it a while ago.


You can send me a DM


@sprime, Many thanks.


Thanks, will do that now.


Any solution available? Need this also


yeah dp me +2347059900520


Hi @idiaro could you let’s discuss at sidebar?


Can you also recheck me on Ola.rkuti@gmail.com


@Mrolabola I meant you can also assist me on same request. I need an API for same purpose. So sorry for the typo.
Cheers. Ola.rkuti@gmail.com


Please I need help with this, strictly Electricity Bills payment API that covers all the distribution companies we currently have in the country


Greetings all: sorry have been away for a while but now available with amazing Solution and direct API for the following.

Multi service Bills payment API is now ready

  1. Electricity ( all discos)
  2. Airtime ( all networks)
  3. Data ( all networks)
  4. Cable TV ( GOTV, DSTV, Startime)
  5. Education ( Weac & Neco )
  6. Flight
  7. booking hotel and coo

Fintech API

  1. USSD
  2. WhatsApp Bot ( API) Customer Support
  3. Bank Transfer API
  4. Virtual account number API ( all banks)
  5. Direct debit API ( BVN & Card)
  6. Web and App payment API

Recent solution

  1. Banking management system
  2. Savings Management system
  3. Loan Management system
  4. School Management system
  5. Church Management system
  6. VTU portal
  7. NGO Management system
  8. Membership management
  9. Staff / Payroll management
  10. Asset Management

Kindly reach out for any of the above API or recent project.
dsshema4all@gmail.com or




Dm me : WhatsApp +2349030306672