'Effectiv Accounting' All in One Solution for your SME


Effectiv Accounting is new web based accounting software built from the ground-up in Nigeria by Asom Services, it keep track of all activities and excellent reporting of your SME. Effectiv is easy to use and configure to meet your requirements.

Effectiv Support the following

  1. Branch support and Separate Chart of Account for your Branches
  • Multi Warehouse Support, Stock Movement IN/OUT

  • Product & Services Support with Optional Sub items. Also Keep track of Sales income in a separate account

  • Feature Rich Chart of account, Ledger for every account , Journal Entries, Bank Deposit, Track Expenses etc

  • Effectiv has an advance easy to use Sales Module for Sales of Item or Services, Track Customer Payments with Notification, Send Estimates and Automatic Invoicing when Estimate is Accepted. Use of Barcode Devices for easy transaction entry etc.

Call : 0806 927 3479 for know more. soon there be a full video on Youtube on effectiv fundamental

Fullstack Developer Needed