EDUBRIDGE Launches An Online Marketplace for COMPUTER VILLAGE


About 20 years ago, computer village, an ICT MARKETPLACE emerged and this market place has now developed to Africa’s largest computers and smartphones market cluster. And for this past twenty years, when it comes to buying technology device products like computers, printers, smartphones, camera, softwares, one place that always comes to mind for every Nigerian is Computer Village.

Edubridge Nigeria Limited, a digital marketing and an online resource company has built an electronic commerce platform for businesses in the popular Computer Village located at Ikeja, Lagos. This platform is an online technology device marketplace set to provide a trusted, speedy and happy shopping experience, servicing hub for both retailers and customers. is a smart solution, as it incorporates Information and communication Technologies into e-commerce and integrates a business solution that allows the store owners transact their business and also be able to manage their store both offline and online in real time.
On a very typical day, thousands of people come from all over Nigeria and from other west african countries to buy technology products at this market in Ikeja (computer village). It’s quite an uneasy and a hectic experience, and this is sometimes inconvenience to the shoppers, while the notorious activities of fraudsters around the area has made some people quite afraid and extra careful when they need to do business at computer village.

This smart platform offers a single spot to buy all technology devices -Mobile Phones, Laptops, Printers, e.t.c. That same experience, but it’s more than that, when you are shopping online on this platform, one thing you can be rest assured is that, you are not going to have the experiences of people delivering the wrong product to you or counterfeit product because, it’s a marketplace where every trader is able to sale but it has principles, controls in place, with an emphasis on consumer protection.

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