Earn cash providing on demand IT support


Hi guys,

Our company provides software to pharmacies across Nigeria. Due to popular demand, we are adding on a hardware component.

We are looking to create an on demand IT service to attend physical locations to install hardware and make sure it works perfectly with our software. The actual job is straightforward for any tech-savvy person as instructions are provided and we give remote support.

We have locations from Uyo to Maiduguri, Abakaliki to Zamfara. Urgent needs exist in Lagos, Ibadan and Benin. Would be perfect extra income for anyone particulary in these cities. Please fill this form if interested or point me in the direction of anyone who already offers this kind of service.


Apologies, the form was locked to my organization. I’ve now opened it, please fill and we’ll get in touch.


We should do DMs. I am working on something around this