Download files off the internet without using data


A few months back, a friend and I were discussing Iroko’s new move to bet everything on Android data free download and he asked me what I thought:

Me: “The data free idea is good but the kiosk is obviously going to be a stumbling block. Why didn’t they just build a tech that will allow their users download the videos from their server data free.”

Friend: “You mean they should pick up the cost of the data?”

Me: “No. I mean the download shouldn’t be done using data.”

Friend: “It’s the internet. How would you download a file from it without using data?”

Me: “Challenge accepted!”

Friend: “That wasn’t a challenge. That was clearly a question.”

But I wasn’t listening anymore. My brain was already working on it: “fantastic four… fantastic four… steak, steak, steak, steak… small amount of peas…”

Unfortunately, however, after that day, I wasn’t able to revisit the idea because work has been hectic. But now that we’re selling Paysob and everyone is going to have a month off after the deal is done, I’ll soon have some free time. Nevertheless, before I dedicated any real time to it, I wanted to find out if it was something people will use.

The app I’m thinking about will have just a text field on the home screen where you can enter the URL of the file you want to download and it will download it into your phone without using your data.

i. Would you use something like this?
ii. If you built it, how would you monetize? Maybe open it up to other developers to use on their app instead of making it a stand alone app?

PS: Kudos if you got all the references! Yea, I know, I watch too much television.


Mad idea you’ve got there. Monetising will definitely be an issue and I can’t think of any method yet.

But to answer your question: Yes I’ll use it but only when my data is almost exhausted and I cannot afford to buy another.

Another time I’ll use it is when I want to download large files in gigabytes.


A fixed price for unlimited downloads per day, per week… That kind of stuff


Let me picture this correctly. It’s sort of like a download manager similar to how IDM works except that it’s a landing page similar to google’s homepage and the search column will serve as the place to input my URL and click on download.

Will I use it? Hell Yes! If truly I can download ANY FILE without using my data!! Also, it will be cool if it can give me the option of choosing the quality of download if it’s a video file.

I kinda go with @m.o.o strategy for monetization. Pay a flat fee (subscription) and get to download any file from the internet! for a limited amount of time (monthly is ideal).

Am really curious how the cost will be handled and how achievable this is.


i dont know how this will work because any download offline or online needs data and internet connection except you own an internet company or free wifi that can allow people to download files for free

i’m curious to know how it will work and i hope you are not selling fantasy.