Domain Names For Sale - Cheap and S.E.O-Worthy


Good day everyone, how’s everybody doing? I came with an offer today. I’m currently clearing my shelf, and I want to get through this as soon as possible

The above domains are the remnants of past projects I carried out a while back, I used the first one during my freelancing days as a directory of all my projects, i’ve sinced moved it to a domain bearing my full name. It’s a cool name and it comes with a somewhat unique extention, so it might serve your needs better than it did mine. Need less to say it can act as a design agency’s domain name, another designer named Daron can pick it up, or really anyone who likes the name

However, the second one was from a project i gave up on, in like the 3rd week of work, not my finest hour, it never really went live so it doesn’t have any goodwill attached to it, so it’s obviously cheaper (not that the other one is expenxive though, don’t run) I actually forgot I still owned it, so it’s still very fresh.

If you’re interested in getting any or both of the above, I promise they’re cheap. Below are my contact details for any interested parties.

09034745400 - Call, text, whatsapp, whatever. - Please don’t spam me.

Looking forward to working with you…