Does "stutern" have different sites?


When i click the link from my mail box this is what opens

But when is typed. this is what opens

You log in with the same details but the profiles are different .

Is this right?


A/B testing?


Hi @Kinging and @kananga, good question(s)? At the moment, we are gradually making some updates on Stutern. The former use to be the initial look of Stutern site while the latter is the latest.

Feel free to share you thoughts and suggestions.

– Kehinde (co-founder, Stutern)

#5 does not have different websites, it is one website:

You were right about the two different interfaces, that was due to reasons @kananga and @Keny stated, A/B testing while we move to a newer interface.

The new interface is more than a new interface, it is actually a lot of reengineerng of our product for talents and employers. With this you can easily search for jobs down to specific locations like Ikeja, Lekki, Yaba and not just Lagos. Also, you can print a free beautiful looking CV from your profile. And for employers, they can search for candidates easily wrt specific skill sets verified via test.

I hope we have more than answered your questions :slight_smile:


Hi @Keny and @taiwoayanleye nice platform you’ve got there but i encoutered some issues while trying to post a job;
First of all i have issues updating my account, the text box just keeps returning blank.
Secondly while creating a post the location, role, duration, position keeps returning back to its default, abia, developer, 1 month, internship respectively.
Thirdly why do you have just 3 months as the maximum duration even after clicking on full time or entry level?
Lastly, nothing on the footer works. Contacts etc. You click and it brings you back to the home page?


Hey Oluwasnipes :slight_smile:

We’ve resolved this together already. I’m just seeing it here. I see I need to be more active here on radar. Thank you.