Do you know which state has the highest rating in Nigeria?


I’m guessing no, and neither do I. But that’s about to change.

Most of us have had discussions with friends and family about how this or that state governor is performing. We all have our varied opinions and I’m sure we’d like to share them.

StateScore is a performance index for states in Nigeria where citizens and residents of these states can review the state leadership’s performance in various areas like healthcare and education.

All 36 states and the FCT are ranked and visitors can view their scorecard which contains score breakdowns and some historical analysis.

We just recently beta-launched and are collecting as many reviews as we can before we launch fully. Would love it if you could spare a few minutes to contribute your reviews on




Can you also include the regular Login form instead of just Facebook Login?


Narrow things down to LGAs, or smaller.

Someone reported 2 wks of light in Yaba, yesterday.

I’ve recorded atleast 8hrs of light daily since the past 3 wks in my area. And lately NEPA has become immune to thunder storms and strong rainfalls, which is a major plus.

But I also know somewhere in Lagos, people never see light for months now.

Narrow things down to areas it will help you segment individual state performance by areas while the total aggregate will reveal truer state conditions.

2 birds, 1 stone.

Besides, I wager each review is prone to be a reflection of the reviewer’s surrounding conditions than a cast of the state.


Hi @ojochidem,

Thanks for checking out the site.

We implemented Facebook login to improve the quality of reviews and also make it easier for people to sign in.

As you can see on the site, user information is not made public. Only aggregate data is being displayed.


If you use light to judge then places that have 24hrs light will have the highest rating… peace, shelter and food is what matters…


Hi @87_chuks,

Like you’ve rightly mentioned, the scores are being aggregated/averaged. In order to keep things simple we decided not to narrow it down to LGAs at this stage.

Reviews as per your wager will mostly reflect the reviewer’s surrounding but will also take into account their informed opinions of other parts of the state.

Our immediate focus is on building the index with as many reviews as possible. Future iterations or by-products might have the kind of specifics you’re suggesting.

Thanks for your feedback. Do help out by submitting your reviews.


Some states on your platform are being indexed wrongly.

The following tab for Rivers States;

…leads to the screenshot page below.

PS. I highly recommend you adhere to @ojochidem’s suggestion. I am personally not a fan of facebook-login and I believe a lot of people aren’t. Simply implement Google Recaptcha to maintain the quality of reviews.


Hi @MrASulaiman, apologies for the late reply.

Thanks for spotting that error on the state details page. It has been fixed.

As per @ojochidem’s suggestion, we have decided to go with social login as it both helps with QA of reviews and provides a seamless login experience for users.

I have added Twitter login for folks like yourself. I believe Twitter and Facebook provides enough options for our ideal users.

I hope that would suffice.

Please kindly leave your reviews when you get the chance.



[quote=“Yinka, post:8, topic:12846”]
I believe Twitter and Facebook provides enough options for our ideal users.
[/quote]. You believe as opposed to just listening to ur users/potential users which is better tho🤔. Last time I checked those ideal users on Facebook n twitter also used an email to register on those platform.


Hi @Kinging,

It’s not just a case of belief. We decided to stick with social login for a reason. Like you have said those users also used an email to register on Facebook and Twitter and that’s one of the reasons a greater number of people prefer social logins (One-click Sign up, Less Password fatigue etc.) and one of the reasons those platforms created it.

I’m not opposed to listening. I implemented Twitter login sooner rather than later as those who are not fans of Facebook login would, for the most part, be okay with Twitter login.


This is great bro! i really love it. if you need contributions please let me know.


I know this. Signing up with social media platforms is a lot easier. But some people still prefer email maybe because of trust issues- dunno. I also know a plethora of platforms that have social media login/sign up but also have email option. After all you are are looking for users for your platform. You might just be loosing potential users by not adding this option.


Thanks a lot @mobiblunt. Glad you love it.

Please do sign in and submit your reviews. (And don’t forget to share it with friends)


Hi @Kinging, I understand you. But we want users to be as genuine as possible. The quality of users and reviews is very important to us and will be equally helpful for us in the future.
If you can please share with a friend or two. We still need more reviews before we get out of beta.
Thanks. :grin:


Good stuff, comments below.

Will be nice to have email or other non social media login capabilities. I would have registered and left some reviews if that functionality existed.

You may want to stick to geographical locations or political labels but mixing the two may be confusing. A South South state may not be in the geographical South-South. Those political labels are tools of convenience.

Question, is one restricted to state of origin or residence only? I travel across Nigeria on a routine basis and have something to write about the craters along Kogi roads and the state of checkpoints in Anambra state.


Using socials may not really mean the users are going to be genuine, I think you should rather employ phone number verification instead. However, still doesn’t make all your users to be genuine but at least better than socials(people can create as many social account as they want but can’t have phone number as that much since buying SIM and registering are lengthy process than socials). Note that politician will start coming to find a way of having good reviews or ratings if finally people love to use this app, so how will you avoid a case where people are been paid to signup and make reviews


Dear @Yinka ever since i raised an observation about the mode of Sign up/Login, other users have noted the same.

We are your potential users, i guess you should try to find a balance between what you desire and what your users are asking for.



“A biased sample is a non-random sample of a population (or non-human factors) in which all individuals, or instances, were not equally likely to have been selected. If this is not accounted for, results can be erroneously attributed to the phenomenon under study rather than to the method of sampling” Source: Wikipedia

Hence, if you have no imported data that account for almost 50% of the population that have no access to internet, let alone of non-facebook or non-twitter users, then the state score is never going to be a good KPI tool. Notwithstanding, this is a very good product that can be used for other amazing things.


Hi @inyangeffiong,

Thanks for your comment. I have tried to explain why we are using just social login above. Now most people on Radar are tech savvy, and if your reason for not connecting your social accounts is privacy then you would also know that email registeration would still give me access to your public social profile. From what we’ve seen most users are not bothered and it serves us well.

I’m bummed that you’ve decided not to sign in with your social accounts but if you change your mind or we change our policy we’d be glad to have your reviews.

As for the little info on the states, they’re in reality, only little more than placeholders for design purposes. But I’d heed your advice and do a review.

Lastly, yes your can either do one or both. We know some folks travel and have info about other places. But this is the current scope of our platform and we want to get more reviews from residents above all.

Thanks for taking the time to check out the platform.



Hi @olyjosh,

On the contrary, we can actually more easily verify that a User is genuine by doing a quick check on the users’ public profile. This is not possible with mobile numbers. And while people can easily have two mobile numbers without us knowing they’re from the same person, most social network users seldom have multiple legit looking personalities.

As for your concerns about politicians trying to game the system, that is indeed a possibility. We will certainly take measures to prevent this from happening. One of which is to monitor score increases of states to ensure that there is no unjustifiable or suspicious rise in scores. This is still early stages and we will definitely find ways to surmount such challenges when they surface.