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Hi Radarians , I just graduated med school & 'm actively looking for a new skill to develop, most likely a career change . I’ve been searching out where I could learn digital marketing. Most courses are kinda expensive and I’d prefer a more practical environment to learn. If you know any startups or companies looking to teach digital marketing or internships without prior knowledge, I’d really appreciate your help, I’m getting bored outta my skull sitting at home doing nothing.


Leave courses alone.

Read as many articles as you can find.
Get as many e-books as you can download.

But most importantly, find a way to practice.
This means YOU have to SPEND your MONEY on “try and error”. Trust me, there is no faster way to learn.

It also helps if you’re working on a real life project and tracking your progress.
If you have none, many people have side projects they’ll welcome your passion in working on.

I have noticed, that it’ll usually take up to 2 years for any new skill to be honed to a level where it can make you money. Until then, you just have to be spending and losing money to acquire knowledge.


You are on the right path.
Nothing beats real world experience.

While looking for a place, carry on with your reading and research.

Suggested Podcast to listen to

RED - The Podcast for Influencers
NPR - How I built this
Seeking Wisdom
Smart Passive Income - Pat Flynn
The Ray Edwards Show
Story Brand - Building a Story Brand

While at it, have listen to my podcast, The InyangEffiong Show

On android, I recommend the Podbean app for Podcast listening even though I am switching to PodCast Addict because it streams to GoogleHome.

We are launching a digital related business soon, stay in touch and we may be able to work out something.


Thanks, I’ll be sure to stay in touch. I can get the recommended podcasts on the app (pod bean ) right ?


Yes. All the podcast are available on PodBean


Thanks. I really appreciate it.


Hi if you don’t mind working for CyParks (for free) we will give Free access to our Complete Guide to Internet Marketing worth N35K free, now selling at N12K.

Go to and see the course outline.

Check if it is something that you would love to learn starting from there. It is 100% fully downloadable multimedia materials.

We will give you access to our Facebook and Twitter Page to work on while learning.

We will give you N10K every month for internet access and may support you through mentorship. You will be placed on target and probation for sex months. After then, you can decide to work for CyParks full time or move on.

And finally you will work remotely.

Inbox me if you are interested.


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