Daily Logo Challenge


Just began the Daily Logo Challenge. Please vote after each logo

Day 1: Rocketship Logo

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Here is a horizontally placed one.

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Combining the American flag and a rocketship.

Day 2: Hot Air Balloon Logo

Combining a(an?) hot air balloon and a lightbulb, hence the name…duh.

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Day 3: Panda logo

I can't add new polls for some reason

Couldn't decide on one

One more...

The first two are logo’s for an eco-conservation company, second for a charity (two people sharing a heart). Today’s logo was the hardest so far!

Day 4: Single Letter Logo

The Letter ‘U’.

Day 5: Driverless Car Logo

Car logos should look like car logos ey?

Day 6: Coffee Shop Logo

Do you know coffee is the world’s second most sought after commodity(after crude oil)? Black black liquids

Day 7: Fashion Brand Logo

I hear street style is in this year :man_shrugging:
Brand name is OAKAO.

Day 8: Ski Mountain Logo

“Black people don’t ski”
Brand name is Dominion. Grrr.

Day 9: Music Streaming Startup Logo

No name required, I felt.


Day 10: Flame Logo

This chicken is on fire :fire:


Day 11: Daily Logo Challenge Logo

Logo for the Daily Logo Challenge



Day 12: Airline Logo

Airline Logo

Day 13: Barbershop Logo

“I just barbed my hair”

Day 14: Cloud Computing Logo

What do clouds taste like?

Day 16: Fox Logo

(I skipped, beat me)

Thoughts? Opinions?
Your feedback will be appreciated… Thanks!


how do ya’ll do this, ive got an eye for design, how do i start?


Yo bro, this may sound cliche but tbh you just need to start. By start I mean grab MS Paint, Corel Draw, Illustrator anything and start putting shapes together. How do I know? Because that’s how I started and I am in no way anywhere near ‘expert’ level. But as you continue you begin to see patterns form. Your brain gets better at recognizing patterns the more you do it. I am no expert or semi-expert sef. But that’s how I got started.