Created an online pidgin resource, feedback and suggestions welcomed


Hi folks, so I built Kofare and was hoping you guys could help improve it either by posting
contents or by suggesting ways to improve the site entirely. The intention is to provide an online “go-to” resource both for Urbandictionary-style definitions for our beloved pidgin English :smiley: and asking for translations of pidgin phrases.
In essence, it works like so:
Anyone can post a word or add a new definition to a word/phrase that has already been posted, each definition then gets upvoted/downvoted by registered users including the poster and the most
upvoted rises to the top. I know the site still feels basic and will welcome improvement tips. You can also email us feedback at

Pidgin Dictionary

Hi, welcome!

The Good:

  1. Looks neat (esp. the header).
  2. I’m not sure how often pidgin words get looked up, but this is a good resource to have.
  3. Social media integration is good and will help drive traffic to the site.
  4. I like the presence of images to help explain some words.

The Bad:

  1. The domain name needs to be spelled whenever it’s pronounced. Is it ko-fare, or ko-fa-re?
  2. You’re missing a privacy policy / terms of use.
  3. A welcome e-mail message isn’t sent out following registration.
  4. Besides selling ads when/if traffic picks up, I can’t think of any other monetization strategies.
  5. User Interface / Experience:
    – Change Password page needs to be revisited.
    – Reset Password functionality should be added.
    – “Edit Profile” link redirects me to a 404 at InfinityTree.
    – The footer is bare.

Please note that while the guidelines don’t prohibit you from asking for reviews in your first post (which I think should be amended), we’ll appreciate some community engagement as well.
Again, you’re welcome and good luck :slight_smile:


I have no affiliation to the platform but I must say that your review is excellent.

Exactly what is needed and why I love the radar community.

Specific problems highlighted with suggested solutions.



So how does monetization only from selling ads become the bad?


So what problem do you intend to solve with this platform of yours? The site is beautiful I must say but I do think it should be addressing a problem so that its viability would be certain.


Its helping people know the Meaning of pidgin words… is that not a problem solved? This radar ppl sef. #startupaddicts


Good stuff. Reminds me of Urban Dictionary. It’ll definitely help people learn more about pidgin english. I’ll be happier if the site had a “word of the day” feature, where subscribers get daily/weekly emails about a given pidgin word (or phase). It’ll also help if each word or phrase is tagged with its origin so that people understand where it came from.

This can grow up to be a very useful resource for natural language processing tasks, from translation, to parsing and generation. Imagine an app that takes regular english statements and rewrites it in pidgin, or vice versa.


I was tempted to dismiss the idea too, but your positive outlook made me rethink.


  1. Formatting seems a bit off. Good use of (what looks like) Material Design (to me), but the home page was a bit distracting. I felt overwhelmed on visiting it. Too many things calling for attention, plus poor formatting.

  2. Someone has already started spamming… Hope you have plans to handle that? Maybe community or mod verifying?


I’m really sorry of I’m replying late. Shitty Internet and being broke. I looked at it from a side project view so I don’t really care about the brand–feel free to call of whatever you like lol,

‘-- Change Password page needs to be revisited.
– Reset Password functionality should be added.
– “Edit Profile” link redirects me to a 404 at InfinityTree.’ Sure, I will do that soonest.

And thanks so much for the awesome reply


lmao abeg abeg


Ehmmmmm? So this one is for da oyinbo guys sebi?


Lol. That’s about it anyway


:smiley: anybody can use it sha


Yeah. Will improve that on that… Regarding the spammed, I’d say moderation is quite lax since it’s just me, but will take my time with that though. Thanks for the feedback


Yeah. Urban dictionary inspired it partly. And thanks for the translation bit


It exists for the moments when you need to quickly look up a pidgin phrases…maybe because the speaker street pass you or for any other reason