- Cryptocurrency Market Cap in Naira


Hey guys, we all know the crypto market is huge and for some of us, we visit websites like coinmarketcap to view latest prices of cryptocurrencies. However, their currency denomination is mostly in US dollar and some other currencies like Euros and Pounds.
So I thought wouldn’t it be beneficial to Nigerians to have one in Naira denomination and in real-time as well. Hence I decided to fork out one. Nothing fancy, just a simple complex solution to make life easy for crypto lovers in Nigeria. So please check it out

We will be adding more features as we grow. Thanks


nice… good job


Hi, can you adjust the price, market cap and volume. Express it in Millions. Don’t make the Naira currency look bad.

Advice: Anyone investing in crypto already knows the value of a dollar. A better solution would be to create a crypto dashboard / portfolio management for savvy crypto investors. Something like the stock exchange but for crypto currencies / portfolio.