CBN Licence Requirements


Good people! Please any body here have requirement details on CBN Licences for the following?

  1. Mobile Money Operator
  2. Transaction Switching Provider
  3. International Money Transfer (Inbound)
  4. Payment Solution Service Provider
  5. Payment Service Provider
  6. Payment Terminal Service Provider
  7. Any other FinTech related categories?

I would be very grateful if I can get your assistance for my thesis. Thank you all in anticipation.


You will find the answer here


Hi Bigtt76, Please send me your e-mail address so i can forward the current list to you.



Thanks Ademola. Please check your inbox.


Done. Please check your mail box


I appreciate your kindness.


Hi Perusky,

I’m also interested, please can you kindly forward same to me.

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Damn! You do spent a lot of time answering Asians I guess.


Hi @Perusky can i have these information too. email is Thanks