Brand your hustle


CLIENT: Where do you work from?

YOU: I work remotely

CLIENT: I mean your office location?

YOU: Errrr, office is presently under renovation, we just trying to fix up a thing or two so, I presently work from my small office at home, for now.

CLIENT: frowning" Ok, can I at least have your card?

YOU: Checks wallet and brings out a card without an address.

CLIENT: How can I locate you without an office address on your card?

YOU: Just give me a call and I’ll be right there.

CLIENT: Okay … “walks away in disappointment”

The above conversation is one that a lot of freelancers must have encountered at some point when trying to network or convince a high profile client.

Know this, Once you begin to gain a lot of relevance and attention from the top dogs, running your affairs from the comfort of your house might limit your chances of getting a pretty big client

While you’re busy building a structure for that business of yours, get an office at least for the sake of an official address.

Thank God for coworking spaces, you no longer necessarily need to own an office to have an office

With very affordable sub plans, you can take care of power, internet, official working environment and even the right network.

If you’re sincere with yourself and really need that growth you desire this year, then get serious with your brand and go get your self a workspace if do not have any already.

Just like an answered prayer point,eeSPACE on the mainland around ogba to be specific has all I’ll be needing for serious work this 2019.

Feel free to recommend other workspaces as a comment below to help freelancers get a good workspace this season.

PS: I am no way affiliated to any work space


Leadspace and Hub One have virtual office plans that allows freelancers use their space as their official office address.

With this plan, freelancers get

  • Fast, uninterrupted internet access
  • Use of office location as your company official business address
  • Receipt of your personal correspondences in a personal mailbox by our front desk
  • Free coffee
  • Access to meeting room
  • Access to lounge area