…any interested parties, ideas, sources of knowledge etc. Behind the hype are a few use cases that will fit our eco. The swedes have almost completed land/deed registration on the chain.


Are you motivated by the rise of Ethereum or are you really interested in know how smart contracts uses blockchains?


I am motivated by the use cases for Blockchain - known & unknown, especially in Africa. Being able to place immutable records on the chain & access them via smart/thin clients opens up many opportunities. Ethereum’s use of smart contracts is an obvious attraction.


So am I actually quite interested in this too. I initially thought land registry would be a good one, but the government needs to understand and trust the technology before they ever adopt it. I’m pretty sure they still think it’s a ponzi.

  • Perhaps payments is an industry to look at?

  • Maybe venture capital? ICOs are pretty hot because everyone can invest.

  • Maybe a bitcoin ATM? I’m sure loads of Nigerians want to get in on this but don’t even have a bank account. Especially because of the naira’s volatility (Though cryptocurrencies aren’t exactly stable - far from it)

  • Maybe try something that does cross-border payments?

I’m really interested in this space though so if you come up with anything interesting, let me know!
I’m currently learning to make smart contracts on Ethereum so I’d love to help with whatever.


Use-case scenario is pretty tight in Nigeria due to adoption which is widely low based on factors. I think a mix of smartcontract with blockchain tech will help increase it’s use case especially mass adoption. As per Institutional usage I will think in the line of using ripple blockchain for the Nigerian financial institutions for financial transactions.


Land registry is an easy sell, there’s a use case out there. It fits into all that is good about the blockchain. I like your other ideas too. Lemme think about them a bit more. Smart contracts. What language are you using? Solidity?


We can start gleaning ideas from here ->


Yeah you’re right. Maybe the best use case for now is actually something that drives adoption.
Perhaps a bitcoin ATM then… Somewhere you can physically go to put in money and get bitcoin out. Other cryptocurrencies too. Obviously it would have to have a lot of information on it telling you how to use it! :'D.

I’m not too knowledgable about Ripple, but it seems any financial institutions would benefit from seamless transactions.


Solidity at the moment. I’ve just done a few tutorials and I’m trying things out.
Thanks for the video!


@Chikere @justcharz Are you both on twitter?
Check this out

It’s a remote hackathon.

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but the government needs to understand and trust the technology before they ever adopt it.

The Idea behind cryptos is DECENTRALIZATION, Govt. doesn’t help that!
Well… pple in the ETH Community kinda blind on this!


@ibroheem Unfortunately decentralization in it’s pure form is way to idealistic for a real economy. Ethereum itself exhibits some form of governance too :smiley:!

We do need the government to understand and adopt crypto for certain use cases.
For instance the land registry…
Govt. controls the police and can take land from you if they claim it.
If they don’t trust or understand the standard land registry blockchain they aren’t going to care when you cryptographically “prove” ownership :wink:


That’s NOT good for the Bagholders. I like to stay away from anything ETH.
Having the feeling sm1 up there will just get the wrong idea about you and everything get reversed in a HARD FORK!


@ibroheem Haha fair enough.

I don’t think it’s that simple but feel free to stay away.
Be aware that hard forks won’t let the network actually change anyones balance so you’re pretty safe.
Also there’s a process involved with forks so you’re always free to get your money out prefork.
And if the network splits you double your money!


This is what happens when we have Govts. involvement, like a guy on an IM Group bashed ETH.

"…cause it forks when greedy investors get rekt, the core function of a blockchain is immutability to change, once that is violated its not a blockchain becomes a database."

That’s exactly what Govt (and other greedy whales) will opt for.


Govts should hold their conventional currencies, let us have our own alternative crypto currencies.

I don’t if Govt support those coins I despise!


yea, that’s my Twitter handle.


Valid points but don’t let fear drive away from something as big and good like ethereum. Currently blockchain dev. are scarce and highly sort after. The most DApps existing now are on the Ethereum blockchain and making waves. Government fear what they can’t control and cryptocurrency, in a way, takes away govts leash. The adoption of the technology; blockchain can still be use by government. China is working on their national cryptocurrency adoption, Bitcoin is already legalized in India, some Russian govt agencies are working towards the use of the Ethereum blockchain. There is a bill in the US congress to mandate peeps that hold cryptocurrency; btc, to declare it at point of entry. A lot going on. Fear or not, govt or no govt the world as we know it is changing.


[quote]Government fear what they can’t control and cryptocurrency, in a way, takes away govts leash
By CryptoCurrency, I suppose ETH, DASH are out of the list.

That’s why we have LTC, ZEC and XMR!

Of course the Russians like ETH, which Govt. wouldn’t like a database?

Making waves doesn’t mean good, Microsoft Windows is CLASSIC example!


I have seen some Nigerians, whenever they talk about CC, all they mention is ETH… horse shit!

Ethereum is no different from our conventional Banks… they both run a DB!
IF you’ve been following the news lately, U must’ve seen these: