Become Startupper of the Year and win Total's support



Organized by Total, The challenge is open to young entrepreneurs in Nigeria who have innovative projects that address a social or community challenge in the country or for fellow citizens.

3 winners will be selected to receive financial support, extensive publicity, and coaching. From among these 3 winners, grand winners by region will be selected and offered additional support. Also, the Top Female Entrepreneur will be selected and provided coaching and mentoring, as well as networking opportunities.

Applications will close on 13 November 2018. Apply now: Link


Thank you! @Kelven, I really like the way you share these opportunities. I have created a tag just for them to make it easier for you to share and for everyone to find. You can use when you share the next one :wink:

Thank you once again :muscle:t5:


Alright @sprime. Thanks!