bitcoin exchange is live

#1 is now live. A non-custodial naira bitcoin exchange. Available 24/7.

The benefit of using a non-custodial bitcoin exchange are many.

  1. Cryptocurrencies should not be left in an online wallets because of hacks. In a non-custodial exchange your funds are not exposed to hacks. You send fiat and receive your bitcoins in your provided wallet address of choice. Or you send cryto to us and receive naira in your bank account.

  2. There’s no deposit fees or sending fees. What you see is what you’ll get in your wallet when you sell.

  3. Awelex is highly automated and runs 24/7.

  4. You buy with your naira debit cards.

  5. Instant support is available through WhatsApp.

  6. If you’re a trader, you can easily withdraw from your trading account directly to your bank account. Say binance to your bank account.

  7. Cryptocurrency Blockchain is open so you can easily verify a transaction as it happens.

Identity Verification is quiet easy.

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