As a Nigerian Developer, what would you value the most right now?


It can range from higher pays to unlimited stream of jobs to things more subtle or less common.



A computer program that writes codes.

Because I don’t have something like this, I had another annoying conversation with a friend just this Friday.

Friend: Lets watch a movie this Saturday.
Me: Can’t. I’ll be busy.
Friend: How about Sunday?
Me: Sorry, also busy.
Friend: Okay, just tell me when you think you’ll be free.
Me: Hmm… According my Todo List, I seem to be booked until 17th February, 2024. But seeing as I get about 20 new things to add to the list everyday, I’m sure by 2024, I’ll be completely book until 2030.

But if I had a computer program that can writes codes, the conversation will probably go something like this:

Me: Computer, our server seems to be having load balancing issues. I want you to fix it.
Computer: How?
Me: I don’t know, figure it out. And while you’re at it, I want you to also write a code to predict users who won’t pay on delivery so we know not to accept orders from them.
Computer: How about you, what will you be doing?
Me: Going on dates, mate. Going. On. Dates.


Waow. That’s interesting.

Why would a developer want a technology that’ll easily see you out of the job.


someone has to say this:

and this:[quote=“Light, post:2, topic:12252”]
I want you to also write a code to predict users who won’t pay on delivery so we know not to accept orders from them.


Cool, but now ask yourself. If that computer is really as good as claimed, does that someone have to be be a developer.


Job descriptions can change overtime.


Nicest question I have seen so far, The answer is simple and straight forward.
I my case and I believe it the same for almost all the developers.

It just a four letter word, but all human begin are enslaved to it. because we are 3 dimensional beings.

The thing is:


I have always wish i knew what I know now when I was younger.

If only it like a stair case where I can decide to go up and down at any moment.

Time is the most valuable thing to me as a Nigerian Developer.


Are you looking for more time to do more work or more time to do other things outside of work?


Both Actually, Ever since I started coding, I just don’t have time for other stuffs.

If one is not careful you won’t even have time for your life.

Some time ago I always find space to watch Box Office movies.
Now, There is no time for that kind of stuff anymore.

It not that I don’t like Movies anymore but, There is just no Time.


What activity would you say primarily consumes your time at work?


If your work doesn’t give you time to do the things you love doing then you probably should find another job.


It not that easy to just quit.


It hard to tell, All I know is once I get to work. 5hours becomes 1hr.


hmmmm… i think i value my codes…if you overwrite my code, what happened in 1984 will repeat itself.


Sleep and weekends. Actual Weekends!!


First thing, affordable Data and then​ secondary 24/7 power supply


What is data without power? Maybe power first.


Their are alot of tools out their that helps in rapid development such as Django(Python Framework) , Lavarel(PHP Framework) … Their are other tools out there… This tools enable speedy development …

What would have taken u 6 months to develop using python or php will take u only 2 months in Django or Lavarel relatively…

Instagram and Pinterest are heavy users of Django framework

With a good programming practice and good structural API development coding can be made very easy… Here is the idea

  1. Code once and reuse everywhere
  2. Write once run everywhere
  3. Apply design pattern