Aptware - Automated online coding tests to recruit the best talent


Hi guys,

One of the pain points I’ve had in the past is recruiting talented software developers. Normally I go through a rigorous process of first going through CVs, personal interviews, setting up manual coding tests and theory tests. Doing this for individual candidates is time consuming and difficult.

I created https://aptware.io/ to make it very easy and efficient to pre-screen candidates. You shortlist candidates and bulk upload them to our platform. The platform then fires off invites to candidates inviting them for online coding tests, psychometric, intelligence and custom tests. This pre-screens the right candidates and makes hiring the right candidate quickly.

This is working well personally. I’m just wondering if this is a service that will be useful to:

  • Software Companies who need to hire the right talented software developers quickly can use Aptware to run online coding tests.
  • Companies doing campus hires can use Aptware https://aptware.io/ to pre-screen graduates using intelligence tests.
  • Hiring companies can use it to create custom tests for hiring.

Essentially it is a self-service platform for testing candidates. Regarding the online coding tests, we currently offer Java, Csharp, PHP, javascript but we intend to add more based on demand.

Will companies find this useful? Is it SMEs or Recruitment agencies who will use it and how much will they pay for it?

Please let me know what you think

Here are some screenshots for the coding tests:


It’s pretty darn useful. Several use cases as you mentioned exist such as recruiting, coding exams, maybe even teaching. The real question especially since you plan on commercializing it is finding out what alternatives people use and how they use it. Check out the pain points if they exist and try to do those better. You could also differentiate your product through many other ways such as pricing, quality, ease of use, etc.


Thanks for the feedback @ikp . The teaching use case is an interesting one and I will explore that :slight_smile: In terms of alternatives. We are actually talking to a software company about adopting the coding test aspect for a trial period. One well known alternative for this is https://www.hackerrank.com/ . In terms of quality, it will be difficult to compete with them at this point but we can definitely be competitive on price.
Like you said, some more research is required to find out how commercially viable this is for us.

Once again thanks for the helpful feedback.


There is https://www.testdome.com also.


Yeah I know them. There are quite a few foreign ones actually. So we differentiate by price and customization