Apply for Startup World Cup 2019 (Regional) to stand a chance of winning $1 million


Organized in partnership with Passion Incubator, the competition seeks startups, private or publicly held, across Nigeria that meet the following criteria:

  • is an early-stage, high-potential startup;
  • is an original idea with unique IP of technological solutions;
  • demonstrates high growth potential, scalability, and/or has national or international expansion plans with a high level of commitment by shareholders and management team;
  • close to achieving break-even or profitability.

Selected startups will pitch to a panel of judges, who will select a winner to represent the country at the grand finale of the competition in Silicon Valley on 29 May 2019. The Nigerian startup will pitch with others from across the world for a chance to win a grand investment prize of $1 million.

Apply now: Link


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early stage
turnover of up to ₦100 million

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