Aella Credit Disbursement Issues


I dont know what is going on there but I have had a loan approved since Monday but till now nothing and the repayment has started counting. At the very least, they should let this cycle close before we all move on. it seems there are some liquidity issues here but what do I know.

Does anyone here know how to contact there customer care. They dont reply support emails and there is no number to call. No physical office to go.


Literally the first thing on Google. Not that you should need to go to their office for customer support.


bros they are not there. I have been there several times nobody knows them there.


They have an in-app chat feature which I believe they are very responsive on


They ought to have a web-chat feature too. As a YC company, I assume they get a free (or subsidized) account from Intercom. Not that they should need the subsidy. It just makes good sense if you are targeting retail.


ok. i have opened a line of inquiry there


Alright thanks