About the Yaba Manifesto category


At the first Yaba Townhall meeting that was held at the Co-Creation Hub on the 23rd of June, 2017, the broad pillars around which a detailed manifesto that captures the vision and intent for the Yaba technology cluster were established.

It is super important that the resulting manifesto is a community effort. And that is why each of those pillars have been assigned to leaders who have the most interest and expertise to lead the deliberations that will be resolved into clear ambitions. Those deliberations will take place online, and Radar was chosen to be the platform to coordinate the deliberations, create awareness, and engage the broader technology community in the process.

The Yaba Manifesto category exists to aggregate those deliberations, and we welcome everyone to contribute. There are some ground rules though, which are very important.

  1. Only moderators can create threads in the Yaba Manifesto category. Threads will be created to commence and coordinate discussions for each pillar of the Yaba Manifesto. Radar’s members are free to engage normally with open threads in this category (like/reply), but are not allowed to create new threads.

  2. It is important to stay on topic, be civil and be constructive. Off topic replies/comments/suggestions will be promptly and firmly dealt with. Personal or ad hominem attacks or otherwise unhelpful comments will not be tolerated.

  3. If you think someone is out of line, it is much quicker to flag their comment and bring it to the moderator’s attention than it is to reply them. That way, it’s easier to keep the threads clean.

We will update the rules as the need arises. For now, let’s help create the Yaba that we want to see.

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