A Must Watch Series For Startup Lovers


Hey guys i just concluded this awesome series called Silicon Valley season 1 to 3. waiting for season 4 , and i wanted to share it with you guys. Its about this guy who created this compression software by mistake and so many other things followed.

The movie talks about everything startup, all those confusing terms, funding, lawsuit, coding, and the list just continues, best of all it is very very very FUNNY

And am looking for new movies/series about startups like this one if you know any pls share


Ok. I’d thought I’d see others.

Halt and Catch Fire

And an Indian one I’ve forgotten (was Hindi and subtitles were rare).

[I am asking] Any ideas for startup-friendly program for TV?

thanks man


Was expecting something else. Anyway nice job sharing (y)


Been watching all the shows listed here since when they launched. You should check them out if you haven’t.


This one came our recently and very inspirational The Founder http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4276820/


@stigwue Betas never released a season two right?


Nice one, thanks


Thanks for sharing.


Yeah, not sure they ever did.


Yeah, they are some good movies around this theme.


Middle Men


Shark Tank!!!


Yeah this is going to season 4 now. I never miss it, best show ever.

Look out for Erlich Bachman (T. J. Miller) great Tech reference T-shirts, and Gilfoyle’s tech toys. I saw this fantastastic toy in season 3 - Hoberman Switch Pitch Ball and bought it immediately “Always blue, always blue, always blue” :slight_smile:

It’s a great show, I didn’t think it would need any introduction here.


IKr, the show is amazing. Come to think of it is they actually that kind of compression tech In the world, cos Iv not seen or heard


Middle out compression? Well I think it is fictional. Quora has some good answers

I actually don’t pay attention to a lot of the tech in the show, I just assume they are mostly fictional or fictionalised versions of real life. I watch Silicon valley for the comedy really. But because I am in tech, I can relate to the humour. It’s like watching comedy in your own language, versus watching comedy in a not so familiar language, the difference is alway huge. :blush:


They did. :slight_smile:


Na, no season two yet for Betas.


Black Mirror: Not about startups, but explores themes that are right up startup/tech alley. Like the San Junipero episode, Jesus.


Thanks lord


Best stuff anyone in the technology space can ever watch…