3,000MW / 24 hour electricity in Lagos by 2022


Lagos isn’t waiting for the federal government to get its shit together.

FG can’t solve nation’s energy sector challenges alone…

Governor Ambode said the target of the State Government is to generate up to 3,000MW of power through accelerated deployment of various embedded power plants in strategic locations in the State within three to five years.

Out of the 3000MW, the Governor said 350MW would be delivered by Q1 2018, additional 850MW by Q4 2018, and the balance of 1,800MW not later Q3 2022, while the State Government will support the Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) to be signed between the Distribution Companies and the embedded power providers, to enhance bankability of the projects.

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So in 2018, 1100 MW will be added, if Ambode does this then Oga will cruise in the next round elections adding to his impressive form so far


They havent finished the Blue line rail six years after conception and they are talking about power?


In China, construction for the 20,000MW Gansu wind farm began in 2009 and by 2010 ending, 5000MW was installed and by 2015 it will be expanded to 13000MW and finally reach 20000MW by year 2020…

In 5 years China generated over 5000MW but Lagos wants to achieve 3000MW in 5 years :astonished:



China v. Lagos. Interesting comparison you got there.


The comparison might not be out of place if it turns out that China’s budget is less than, or comparable to, that of Lagos.


Okay then. But they do have different land masses and responsibilities.


At least 95% of time in electricity $1 billion = 1000MW…

In Nigeria, over $10 billion can go missing and no one would be able to account for it. I don’t set low standards, I’m only been realistic… Nigeria is a very rich country and shit loads of money… The amounts we hear going missing can drastically boost the economy.

Lagos is the 5th largest economy in Africa and it still contributes 90% of its revenue to the FG… If Nigeria disintegrates the SW will have the largest economy in Africa with Lagos becoming the richest state in Africa, then if the Ijaw nation and the Igbo nation get their ports running they may be able surpass the SW.

In Summary
Lagos is underperforming, the entire southern Nigeria is underperforming

Africa has the largest landmass in the world, stop believing propaganda…


Africa? Propaganda? Now you’ve totally lost me. We were talking about Lagos and China!!


Did Asia disappear?


Like Diakon said, this is about Lagos and China… Lagos landmass is smaller than China but it can still build a 10000MW power plant in 5 years.


@godmode, China has world class engineering companies, Nigeria has none. Thats why China is building Nigeria’s railroads, airports and built two power plants in Ogun state under the Obasanjo administration while Nigerian engineering companies have yet to build a 1 kilometer road anywhere outside the borders of Nigeria.

Anyways, I like Ambode’s verve and enthusiasm but his goal shouldnt be 24 hour power (not when 75% of Lagos residents don’t have indoor plumbing) but 24 hour power to the island and environs. Most of the so-called Lagos GDP comes from all those businesses in VI,Lekki, Ikoyi, Lagos Island and Apapa. Give them power and maybe the excess cash they will save from burning diesel they can use to build taller buildings, hire more staff and expand in the rest of the country.


Lagos State can do it…Massive photovoltaic power station built on a fish farm put into operation in Zhejiang. It covers an area of 300 hectares, with a total installed capacity of 200MW. Its average annual production capacity is expected to reach 220 million kilowatt-hours. The new mode of power generation features PV panels installed above the pond, which serve to provide shade and facilitate fish farming under the water. The station can meet the power demand of 100,000 households, potentially replacing 7.4 tons of coal.

At about $260k for 200MW

More here: http://en.people.cn/n3/2017/0111/c90000-9165706.html


Can’t win, can he? He’s targeting the whole of Lagos state and you want him to only target certain areas? What’s the reasoning behind that? Do you know how many small businesses would open up and how man small businesses whose lives would be made SOOOOOO much easier if they had constant electricity? And most of these people aren’t on the island btw. There are other areas in Lagos that are crucial to the Lagos economy. Even Balogun market is an important player.


This is actually genius.


Everything is built by Nigerian bricklayers and many other “unskilled” Nigerian labourers under the supervision of the Chinese/foreign companies which may be owned by a Nigerian…

There should be no discrimination… Most of Lagos GDP comes from the people all over Lagos whether its mainland or island does not matter… .

I hope you know what’s happening in some places in U.S concerning water pollution… I like the fact that most Nigerians are their own governments and provide basic things for themselves it saves people from corruption, negligence and health problems except in the case in gas flaring and generator fumes.

Don’t be a victim of propaganda which leads to and promotes self hate… millions of people in the so called develop countries are suffering more than a lot people in Lagos and live in worse conditions…


Is that why over 3 million Nigerians live in those developed nations and less than 10,000 of their citizens live in Nigeria? Is it why life expectancy in those nations is 25 years more than Nigeria. Propaganda is assuming Nigeria is anything more than one of the worlds poorest and worst governed nations.


This make sense die!