100 Days UI Challenge Day 2: Credit Card Checkout by SILM


I’m way past day 2 but it’s no use if my designs die in my ‘design folder’ :smile:

It’s a Credit Card Checkout Design & I based it on Jumia. Yes JUMIA

Constructive criticisms & 1 or 2 gifs are very much welcome :laughing:

And yes, 100% Photoshop






Lol. 1 gif down, 1 more to go


Good or bad?


I’m confused too.


Hi @Silm
Please, It’d be nice if you could post under the appropriate challenge so as to curtail duplicates and maintain a cleaner radar. We’re still young as a category. Let’s not offend the watching gods…



Thank you for making this lovely page. I took it as one of my inspirations for my own 100 days project.

DailyUI 002 Mike