Zone Pay: yet another Nigerian payments app?


You know them. Pay With Capture. Konga Pay. Nairabox. Thrivesend. Payme. Your bank’s probably shitty app. And now, Zone Pay, from Appzone.

Coming soon.

Appzone have been in the financial services game for a long time and if anyone has the relationships needed to pull all of the functionality they are promising off, it’s them.


Sigh, i am tired


You didn’t mention kudi


I apologise. Them too.


personally fed up, the payment processing space has been filled up major thing is infrastructure, inter country transfer and stronger lending / credit payment platform needed, this new payment processors ARE THE SAME just different brand.


The more, the merrier. Someone might actually build something innovative and we’d be here for it.


Welcome! We need more going after the same and different types of users and geographies. Worst case scenario if any traction, you sell your book of business.


Hoping someone will crack this soon


trying to remember - did Access Bank actually build Pay With Capture from the ground up in-house or they acquired the tech. and simply folded it up into their corporate structure?


The latter, I think, don’t quote me, lol.


You may get that from[quote=“Lamidi_b_a, post:8, topic:10592”]
inter country transfer


Why can’t you do it?


Why cant u do it? :slight_smile:


this is good start.

what do customers want exactly?


Because I’m not complaining.

So why cant you do it?


Schlep Blindness


So because your not complaining doesnt mean it isnt affecting others.

Cross country transfer is a mess due to Fx issues, i personally wont work on it because:

a) I have zero expertise and need to build up knowledge on the area

b) i need a lot of serious funding to create an infrastructure system and network to push my proposals.

Still doesnt stop me from criticising the rise of same payment platforms


I appreciate whatever you do.

At least someone could:

a) Gain expertise and built up knowledge on an area to solve his problem…

b) Worked to get serious funding to create an infrastructure system and network to push his proposals.

Instead of spending time criticising what others had done.


If you dont criticise how would the companies get better.

Criticism shouldnt be looked at from a negative point, smart companies take that as feedback.

Imagine you have 50 clients saying your product suck would u say: ‘bad belle’ or ‘let me revamp customer xp?’.

The fact is there are over 20 payment processors and the field has other opportunities they can look at and have FMA( First mover advantage).

Look at Interswitch, its payment processor part has been on a decline as new entrants come in simply because it failed to listen, the huge integration fee model has been replaced with zero set up cost.

If you dont take feedback and innovate then OYO.


lol like no be small shitty app