Your thoughts on this logo please?



Change font, keep the colour, lose the smiley totaly


I think the font is nice. remove the smiley tho


Yeah the smiley…


+1 on this:


Remove the shadow and the smiley… Boooom…


If I’m right, you used the smiley to make it look/appear fun. If that happens to be the case, you used it wrongly. And, maybe, if you do away with it, you may seem not to be achieving what you wanted.

I’ll suggest you work on the typo. Without the smiley, you can still pass the message across if you displace some letters.

And, lest I forget, do away with the reflection. And get your cake balanced.


Drop the smiley. You might also want to incorporate some brown into the cake for color balance and to make it look strawberry + chocolate.


People’s decision about whether or not a logo is cool is completely restive on their past experiences of logos they’ve seen before. My best advice is to work things out with clients to know their needs. Asking a community about a logo is a no no for me except of course there’re two options you’d need to show the client.


You can remove the smiley…


PLEASE don’t remove the smiley. Don’t change the font. Leave the reflection. Leave the cake angle. This is art. Design will never be perfect if we continue to judge it with a sense of science to it. Beauty lies with the artist and his intended audience. Everybody will always have a suggestion/correction to make. This makes the art lose its original flavour and message


I think the design is OK except that the cake needs a color. Maybe chocolate since you have it in the design already. About the smiley. It really depends on the target market. If they are kids, I think its a good idea but if not maybe it should be removed. But before making a final decision. Why don’t you compare the two after making changes. I believe you will be able to choose better by then.


I love the logo. However, the smiley looks like an ice cream stick in ice cream which would be perfect for a dessert logo. But since this is solely a cake store(going by the name), maybe you want to modify the smiley so it’s more like a cherry on top of a cup cake


Exactly my thoughts though. The smiley is great. A logo simply depicts what a product is even without seeing the brand name or trying the product out. Why taking the smiley out when dozens of other (competitors) logos have only the cake. He’s making this unique by adding a ‘yummy’ smiley. Sometimes, you don’t have to go the route of others. The font is - perfect, colour - nice. Please take out the reflection, you’ll get complications because of it at a later date.


the smiley looks like a copy paste, work on it.