Y U Backwardz, Nairaland Ads?


There’s nothing I want to say here that has not been said. I just want Seun to do just one thing and one thing alone: Make his ads open on new tabs!!!

If you check analytics for clicks for your nairaland ads, bounce rate is between 70 - 80% no matter the level of targeting, copy writing, banner creative or landing page you create. Took time with the team to look at what’s really happening. Guess what we found?

Clicks on nairaland ads open your landing page on same windows, same tab. Meaning visitors who click your ads must completely leave nairaland for your landing page and forgo whatever they were doing or reading on Nairaland before clicking that interesting ad of yours. This is why visitors from Nairaland leave almost immediately they hit your site. The back button is not that tough to find aand click.

People who have Seun’s contact should just talk to him fix this. Ads should open new tabs. People should not leave his site for ads. It hurts him, it hurts the advertisers paying for his business to remain afloat. He needs no codcoding, server space or porting or any technology changes to do this.

His other problems people can still live with ie… UI/UX issues, paying into his personal account, having to queue to advertise on certain pages cos there is not space… THERE’S NOT SPACE!!! WHEN YOU CAN JUST MAKE ADS ROTATE. Just talk to him. People complain not because they don’t like him. They do because they want changes. Finally if you can build it better. Please do. Someone needs to teach Nairaland how to do it. I will invest if you can, no matter how small. There was Yahoo before Google.


I am truly sorry that Nairaland is not everything you want it to be, and I really appreciate your suggestions.


This is so myopic, OMG! Didn’t want to comment, but couldn’t help it. It’s shocking


To think we stopped thinking like this.



I Initially just liked @OluyomiOjo post but realised I would almost be doing a disservice to this discussion, if didn’t add why I felt this point is super critical.

As a user of Nairaland, if I visit the site and see an advert (say Yakata from Konga or the ever present car ads) that catches my eye, once I click on it and suddenly realise that I’m totally out of Nairaland (because it’s opened on the same tab) - my default reaction is ‘hold on…didn’t ask for this…I’m heading back’. Of course for me at that point it’s a bad user experience but also as important, it also creates a negative view of the firm whose advert I was clicking on in the first place. The key thing is that these decisions are all done subconsciously but of course that’s why it’s so harmful.

In all, if the new tab is fixed, I would guess a lot (anywhere from 50% to 90%) of advertisers (like me) on Nairaland, would suddenly see better engagement (reduced bounce rates), but more importantly a lot of users (like me as well) who have a better experience of clicking on ads on the platform.


In 2012 , Mr @SeunOsewa was “Open To Ideas” but it looked like “Good ideas” weren’t available at that time.

Fast forward 3years later. Ideas are flowing like water , but the owner isn’t interested.

At this point , if you’re still worrying yourself about Nairaland , Then Sorry for you. It’s very obvious the owner isn’t ready to change. So you either use Nairaland or F**** Off. Stop complaining , the owner isn’t listening.

Why Did Nairaland, Miss the Bus?

Sir, I’m sorry that you didn’t notice the 20,000 naira minimum until after your ads were designed and approved. It was noted at the bottom of our Ad Rates page but you probably did not scroll to that point. I’ve copied the notice to the top of the page as well so no one else will ever miss it.


I think @oloyumi and the client who was sent an email are the only ones talking with facts here. Seun should listen to them at least. As for me all I can do is empathise with Seun. I own a blog and people always suggesting ways to improve. You change things and the complaints keep coming, so all you can do is work with facts. I’m sure the numbers on nairaland are largely reassuring


Lol I just love love love how Seun’s response to Leslie reads. I don’t know why.


From an advertisers perspective - and i’m one - Nairaland just doesn’t do enough for me on several levels. I’ve thus had over 10k sitting in there for a while.

As a user on the other hand, i think there’s a good level of functionality there that would keep me coming back again and again. It’s up to Seun to decide where he ultimately wants to end up. There’s absolutely nothing wrong in creating a small cash cow and just chilling. Trying to build a bigger cow has it’s own headaches. Conversely, beware of the real possibility of being ‘disrupted’ especially as Nigerian internet is only in its infancy.


This is the climax of complacency and the nadir of customer service. I will NEVER advertise on Nairaland and won’t advice my worst enemies to!


Hahahaha :joy:

Seun be scrolling through the comments like…

:pensive: :neutral_face: :pensive: #NoTime


I think Mr Seun is trying to keep the site simple, light-weight and responsive for all devices, something which I think the users love about the site.
But then the payment mode is meant to be more easier and more tools for advertisers added.
We keep screaming Nairaland is supposed be better than this, The World is moving, but I am quite confused why Mr. Seun wants to remain comfortable with the old ways,
is he afraid to experiment something new? I guess still only he can answer this question


I know that we should have e-payment, and I accept the blame for not prioritising it. But that does not change the fact that Nairaland Ads are effective. If that is what matters to you, you won’t be disappointed. A lot of people are easily distracted by shiny objects. What matters is your ROI, not whether the poor Seun replied to a mischievous troll in a pleasant manner. Your ads will not perform better because I kissed leslie’s bony trolling arse, or worse because I didn’t.


Wait, I’m a troll?
Dafuq is this?



I just checked alexa.com and was suprised to see that Nairaland is now the 13th most visited website in Nigeria falling all the way from 7th. More interestingly, Linda Ikeji is now ahead of Nairaland. I also discovered that Techcabal is 73rd on the list which is pretty impressive for a company that is a few years into the game. I envisage that more niche focused players like Techcabal and Radar will emerge in coming years and would surely wrestle traffic from Nairaland. The data is glaring and I think Nairaland should act.


No offence Seun but you sound like a typical Nairalander that throws insults and abuse users.


Hahaha… deep


Epic response, down to the fat content of the trolls a**!