Will a concept like OpenTable work in Nigeria?


Like a website to book and reserve tables for restaurants across the country… How does it work?


the maket is small but will work with middle and high end restaurant in hotels,bars,cafe etc many of our restaurant are just unorganized and chaotic


So is it something to take a shot at?


chicken and egg problem… but you should definitely take a shot at it if you’re excited about solving the problem


you can,basically you could use hotel booking services like hotel.ng to organise your list of clients to contact

all hotel have resturants,so users could use your sites to book and reserve tables or space or book to organise parties,birthday

you could add other stuff like spa,bar etc


Thanks… Appreciate


Thanks, appreciate


Take a second look at this. The market is really small.


Am not trying to build it… am just asking


some have tried and have failed-ish. the whole thing with making reservations is just something our people would rather not do. the only time people make reservations it feel they should is when a party of 10+ is involved.

some restaurants have tried to make reservations a thing, but the results are so-so so far. to make an OpenTable app work, you’ll have to drive the culture of dining out and making reservations. and if you’re looking to make a quick buck and exit, it’s pointless. if you’re in it for the long haul, however, it could.


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OpenTable solves a First World problem. In places like US, Europe, Dubai and the likes, trendy restaurants are usually packed to the brim with customers to the point where a waiting list builds up of people who want to go to that restaurant. This has been the Western culture for quite a while and Open Table simply digitized that waiting list to make it more manageable for the restaurants. In Africa there are less than 20 restaurants mostly in Egypt and South Africa that are in such high demand. Restaurant congestion is simply not an African problem


i disagree with you except you talking about macdonalds,kfc and fast food restaurants that are always full to the brim in the westernworld.i guess you do not understand the concept of table reservation infact Nigeria local restaurants are always full especially in the evenings but they are very disorganized and chaotic and expensive to educate local restaurants owners and users about the service,so it will work well with upscale and medium restaurants in Nigeria, if you talking about local restaurant they are plenty but middle and upper scale restaurant are not much that is why i wrote that the market is small.

open table can work in africa and infact in Nigeria . open table doesnt solve first world problem,it solve world wide problem of booking management and table reservation infact south africa,egypt,morroco,kenya has more organised restaurant system than Nigeria,they are all tourist countries and have a large restaurant industry

the concept works like this

Opentable allows users to search for restaurants and reservations based on such parameters as dates, times, cuisine, and price range. Users who have registered their email address with the system will then receive a confirmation email.Users can also receive 100 or 1,000 OpenTable rewards points after dining; these points can be redeemed for discounts at member restaurants

for resturants

The service provides restaurant owners with comprehensive reservation management. Subscribing restaurants use an Electronic Reservation Book (ERB) to replace existing paper reservation systems; ERB is an integrated software and hardware solution that computerizes restaurant host-stand operations. The ERB handles reservation management, table management, guest recognition, and email marketing.


I think an OpenTable for Nigerian might be a long shot, as reservations are not really a part of our restaurant culture (I could be wrong).

But taking the basic idea further, reserving car park spaces might work for places like Marina in Lagos. If a person driving from Mowe could reserve parking before leaving home, I’d imagine that would be great.