Why was my post flagged?


I thought this was an open tech forum but on posting a topic introducing my business, it was flagged and taken down without any message from admin explaining what the problem is. Am kinda disappointed that a tech forum which to my understanding is meant to promote startups is doing this. I ask again, why was my earlier post hidden? If there is anything wrong with what i posted atleast I deserve to know. Am a new member and already this is happening. Is this what happens here? Thanks


It depends on the way and manner the post came. Am sure the moderators and the admins here are on the lookout for posts that are outright adverts. You should probably read this first to make sure you are not breaking the rules Radar Guidelines: READ FIRST PLEASE!
In all, radar is fun. Enjoy your time here :slight_smile:


Hi thanks for the link. Okay so users can’t advertise their business. I will go through the guide. Thanks again


Hi Vikto,
For complaints like this, you can just send a private message to @lordbanks or any of the other moderators rather than creating a new thread.

As for the flagged post, I didn’t see it so I can’t comment. But do check out the house rules.

Welcome to Radar, enjoy your stay.


Okay thanks for the welcome.


Read the rules, it may help


And you heard it right, okay?

Welcome friend. What’s your business or start-up? Try read the rules and change content of your initial post and re-post again as a fresh thread.