Why Lagos?


What are the advantages of having your startup domiciled in lagos over other parts of Nigeria.
Do these advantages really translate to sucess?


Too vague a question. As with all things, depends on what line of business you’re into.


how vague?
why should you domicile you start up in lagos over other states in nigeria?


You see the funny thing? I actually have a platform I am developing and hoping to evolve into a startup. Lasgidi was my first location choice some months back. . . But after I have suffered and had a rethink, I decided to stick to Ibadan. Why Ibadan? Well, I grew up here (or there cos I am not at Ibadan now). I know my way around… I know how to reduce costs. I know how to prevent burning out.

Second: Its way cheaper! Believe me… From Mokola to Agodi to Dugbe, to even Bodija, I can get office spaces not too expensive. Internet for my company? psst, I have Smile 4G coverage (Ibadan was a pioneer city in Smile 4G). . Basically running my startup would be way cheaper

But to answer your question heads on, I will say its the hype (or maybe not) around Lagos (think ‘Yaba’). Yea, that is the general idea I can think of.

PS: At, Ibadan, I get to see mi familia + amigos, go clubbing if I can etc… . . So, ‘No Lagos’. And oh! I am a javascript developer having interest and experience in bot technologies (Facebook, Telegram, Kik, Slack) and even custom platforms/languages (ChatScript, AIML). Hire me!


good perspective, thanks dek.


Yep it depends. The quality and quantity of talent pool in Lagos is huge. I believe it matters for a tech company stating out to interact . But the traffic and the stress of Lagos life may out way the gains. So it depends.


Well said!



Simply put, Lagos has the largest market for any product you have to sell in Nigeria, that’s if your target market is the entire country anyway.


@OP I’m happy to answer your question, because I was in this dilemma some years back when the tech community in Nigeria was just evolving. I decided to move to Lagos fully some time mid 2013, rented a house and packed most of my clothes, books etc to Lagos for business.

Coming from Sokoto, furthest north (border to Niger Republic) it was a bit of a difficult decision to make. Mind you I was very comfortable at home until I started visiting Lagos for hackathons, tech meetups, tech award nights etc and realised that if I want to grow, hire talent and face competition to make me buckle up, I need to be in Lagos.

So, I picked a pen and paper, wrote the reasons why I should move to Lagos and never looked back. I do remember a few things on that list that made me pack by bags and vola… Mom, I’m off to Lagos for some time. I’m happy my parents were okay with it all along!

These were my reasons:

  • Networking: Arguably, internet allows us to network even faster and more conveniently but to my surprise physically meeting people was unbeatable. People I have met physically turned out to be truer friends than people I chat with over Twitter, Facebook or Email.

  • Ecosystem: I figured that the tech community in Lagos is more vibrant than anywhere else in Nigeria (that I have been to) and I have been to many cities in Nigeria most especially because of tech. I wanted to be a part of this cohesion while it is in it’s early stage.

  • Market Reach: I looked at my clientele in Nigeria, based on location I saw that Lagos has most of my customers at the time, although I was operating in Sokoto, I had more than 70% of customers from Lagos. In 2016, I posted this on my facebook wall:

“If you ever wondered why I left Sokoto for Lagos. We have 62 customers from Sokoto and 1,639 from Lagos. That’s fair enough!” — Original Post

  • Events: Although not anymore, but at the time, I enjoyed most of the tech events in Lagos but I have to take flights and book hotels everytime I’m attending an event in Lagos. I wanted to easily attend more and be around for impromptus like meeting Mark Zuckerberg in Lagos.

  • Mentors and Advisors: I had great mentors in Lagos and simply put, I wanted to be closer to them. So that I can time-to-time visit them physically when ever I need to without having to consider so much hassles of doing so. They have busy schedules and being in Lagos made it possible for me to go see them any time they so wish.

  • Powerful Internet: Maybe not any more, but back then Lagos provided me with 3G Network at a time when the best I can get in Sokoto was 2G/EDGE which was not very reliable. So I wanted the best internet to allow me do things faster.

  • Focus: I had my own distractions in Sokoto, family, friends etc but in Lagos I can sadly tell you that my friends (100%) are work related. That kept me focused on building and growing the company.

For me those were some of the pressing advantages in moving to Lagos, I’m very glad that I did and our company today has more than quadrupled it’s number since then without any external funding. We are still proudly bootstrapped and growing.


Nice one mukoshy! networking, mentors, events! really important.


I would rather have a startup in lagos than sambisa