Why isn't there a standard icon for Airtime, Funds Transfer and other related items?


So I’m working on UI for a “hush-hush” app then i hit a brick wall.
Normally i’m not so super awesome with icons, i just do enough to get by. However whenever it comes to all items relating to Airtime, Funds Transfer, everything just seems to not fit.

Is there a way we can on a standard that visually works?

Irrelevant Plug: I assembled all of Google’s material design icon into one IconJar file (for macOS). Go get it here


Reminds me of the torrent space a while back (the lack of standard icons).
I guess this is because there isn’t any monopoly. If MTN introduces some icons, I guess they’ll stick. Or VANSO?


Aren’t Transfer Airtime and Send Airtime doing the same thing?

Also if you care about the material design guidelines, your profile icon is sexist. :smile: This is more appropriate for profiles.

The icons are pretty straightforward already, for buying airtime, you might want to add representations of items like money, cash, credit cards to the device icon. That way, it’s more descriptive what that part of the service does.


“facepalm” Heavens help me!

Any ideas for Airtime


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Earlier today, in collaboration with @hugo_obi, I put together some icons that could, at best, work without confusing users as to their meanings. I do hope to make this a starting board to standardizing icons regarding “Airtime”.
Do feel free to chime in with thoughts.


Um, to me, these icons are about as clear as the originals. Nice try though. It’s not easy trying to represent something virtual (airtime) concretely.