Why isn't anyone talking about TSTV?


Maybe it is only me that thinks they are a scam. But I am more surprised that it (TSTV) isn’t even a topic here on Radar, talk less of a trending topic. Maybe some well informed folks can shed more light on this DSTV look-alike?


[UPDATE] I don’t know how true this is but sources say that the digital television provider has been accused of copyright infringement and whatnot. https://twitter.com/femiTRIPP/status/915325474754252801/photo/1


I don’t know what your aim is by starting this discussion because you’ve clearly formed an opinion about the said party.

If you are interested in tarnishing a company based on what you heard or believe and not on facts, Then you’re choosing the wrong platform to do so.


I was hoping for people that do know about TSTV to at least talk about it. Like what you’re doing now, although not as anticipated, but it’s a good start.


TStv Africa is a very great idea indeed.\ Firstly, Nigerians are going to be employed and secondly a wholly Nigerian owned. For a Nigeria to initiate such an idea, I give kudos to the CEO and its stakeholders.
When there is competition in any sector, the end users benefit. Its a survival of the fittest between DSTV who have been drilling your pocket and the TStv Africa that is here on pay as you go plan.
Lets hope TStv Africa offers quality service


Saw a tweet that said their decoder goes on sale from 1st November


Let’s hope they do.


I doubt if they are truly Nigerian!


@eaweb go and ask NCC if you doubt. Thats how your Nigerians make mouth for nothing…What else do you need to know? Its a Nigerian company, period.


I have read something about kwase tv or what’s it called. If it has any connection with tstv then I am afraid someone is not telling us the full story.


Mr Crescent @crescent, do you work for TSTV? How are you so sure? They might not? NCC isnt the regulator of DTH, PayTV its actually NBC and as far as we know, we only know theres a Nigerian CEO not the founder mind you whose background is as murky as the business is so people are asking for more info.


Read the Link above, while they claim to be Wholly Owned Nigerian Company they are in a Content Partnership with ABS( Asia Broadcasting Satellite Systems) providing DTH via an Android box set, now we dont know the deal but im sure they have a stake in the business either through content or technological partnership will that be Nigerian owned or a subsidiary based on operating country parameters?.

I would like us to really not argue when we dont all have facts, they say they are coming to topple DSTV , great for them, others have made same declaration there are like over 5-10 PayTV Companies that made same declaration but are struggling seriously till now because they have GOTv to contend with not even DSTV itself, only one who has managed has been Startimes and they are loosing market share daily so i would love to see how this goes on( Smiles in Napsters :slight_smile: .

Regarding channel listing their channel list is not encouraging save for the 14 sports channels( Bein Sports 1- infinity lol) theres really nothing worth watching to be honest you can check their site and see yourself the 100-200 channels wash are filled with channels you wont bother watching on a boring day, seeing as also i dont watch over 100 useless channels on DSTV i can say both points are matched evenly.

Only thing they seem to have going for them is the Pause Subscription and Data promise if the promise is true and you get 10GB Free on the 5k Subscription plan( or is it 3500, marketing communications has been very terrible from them honestly) then its worth it but my fear is that the data is actually for streaming the content from the Android box but lets wait till Nov 1st as they roll out Nationwide then we confirm validity, its worth to note that the competition DSTV isnt batting an eyelid as they introduced PPV Model and slashed prices loong before this guys came in, they have more data /background and have sized up they are not an actual threat yet.

I hope this kind of clears the air on TSTV or no TSTV and can we now go back to other important things eh?

PS. I do not work for any Cable Company before someone breaks my head.


Thank you for providing much needed clarity.


You guys are just making stories here:
First I want to thank the idea of competition. It brings joy to the end users as rightly pointed out by @crescent whose comment and contributions on various topics on radar are heavily controversial and it actually helps us to continue a long thread discussion.
However, TSTV does not have a founder yet, and what that means is that there are invisible investors and Echufo is just a frontier. Their move will definitely see some customers switching over to TSTV no doubt and thats what businesses are for. Take it or leave it.
When a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria turns a marketer for a business outfit, we should be concerned, very concerned and dig deeper. It was also interesting that attendance at the launch cuts across party lines among the usual politicians and their hangers on in the land. That really got me interested making me to ask, “Who are the brains behind this new company?”


Because DStv employs space monkeys


I wonder how you came about this conclusion.


if you have used CTL before then you will know that aside the sport channels, Mbc 2 & Mbc 4 are great movie channels that shows premium movies and will keep viewers glued to their TV sets.


With a launch event on 1st October, while dealers had not started selling decoders, to half baked press releases on their social media account that they are still doing dealer accreditation, even after the official launch, to further statements by the CEO that they are giving out a couple of free decoders for testing AFTER LAUNCH. And finally the CEO mentioning that the decoders will go on sale on 1st November here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKgLGb6F8FM). These are signs of either a shoddy company or one that can’t even put together their PR and marketing strategy.
To be honest, I’m not hopeful that they stand a chance if they don’t do something FAST.
Go to their website http://tstvafrica.com/index.php you will find NO official data on the channel bouquets and pricing. This is just NOT acceptable for a company that wants to operate at such scale.
By the way, they are in no way affiliated to Kwese TV, which is owned by Strive Masiyiwa of Econet and headed by Joseph Hundah.


This type of project would have been best for DON JAZZY of Marvin. with deeper pocket
TSTV had a luanch instead of rolling out products they rolled empty promises… That is where they missed.
Probably still looking for money to import copied and fake decoders from CHINA…
Nigerians always wait for Foreign firm to open their eyes before running up and down just as MTN did before Glo came on board… its a pity


The more I see posts like this, the more i get confused. Can we just have a working set of the product.