Why does ALAT need to read my phone state?


Here’s a message I got while trying to register my phone with ALAT:

How much of my device info does the app need to function?
What purpose do these extra security measures on the mobile app serve, seeing as one could log on to the web app on any browser on any computer?


I’ve seen situations where the device Serial Number is used to generate a unique identifier for your device. That identifier is then sent to the server to identify your device. Android requires the READ_PHONE_STATE permission to provide that information to apps.


@michaelobi Yeah, I knew apps were automatically granted persmision to read the phone’s IMEI on Android. So I got paranoid when I saw this special message requesting permission to “read phone’s state”(which sounded quite vague, to me), thinking maybe they’d be harvesting a little more than my device identity.

Apparently, android 6.0 now wants users to grant permissions that used to be granted implicitly.