Why Did Nairaland, Miss the Bus?


I think there is an android app already.


Yeah, I think so too. But I’m not even compelled to download it. Nairaland customer service is pretty bad and day by day it’s harder for me to use it as I get used to better experiences on other sites.


The owner doesn’t care. Very nonchalant and arrogant. Let’s not even talk about the madness that goes on there that has made a lot of “sane” people leave the forum


Google interface has barely changed since 1999 other than an injection of javascript. Nairaland is doing just fine. It is the biggest Nigerian site out there.


That you didn’t notice the changes since 1999 means that the design worked super effectively. Good design is always invisible.

No contest here…but take a look at teh MMM. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mmm is a russian Ponzi scheme riding on greed. Nairaland remains number one home grown web site in Nigeria. For those who think design is nairaland weak point the test is going to be Linda Ikejis social with its modern ui and ux.


That Linda’s site is another story, let’s see if her team will perform an evolution there sha Or Nigerians will love it just like that. But for me LIS still needs some changes.


Porn site? what are those?
I get your point, but we are not talking about UI now, but functionality and growth evolution. Nairaland is not evolving to acquire new users and that is a problem, because one day all its active customers will get bored or just grow old and leave and the will be the end of a site with so much traffic and potential. Who remembers Yahoo messenger?


Its an evolving product, give it time. Even if LIS fails Linda will still have my respect for the attempt.


The MMM pointout was supposed to be for humour.


I’m sorry guys. I couldn’t help but share this thread! I had no idea this caused a Roforofo in 2015! It was hilarious!!!. Y U Backwardz, Nairaland Ads?

I love this Guy! http://radar.techcabal.com/users/seunosewa


E don do for all this Nairaland matter, methinks
At this point, all concerns about the shortcomings of Nairaland (real or perceived) just comes off as crying more than the bereaved.
The owner isn’t listening to your cries, so either wipe your eyes or find another avenue where your tears would produce desired results.


Content is king. The rest is secondary even though important. Community is another thing Nairaland has. Obviously the content is powered by the community and one can’t exist without the other. Nairaland started at the right time in history just when Facebook and Twitter where getting started. So it wasn’t fighting with the western social media giants at the time which give it an opportunity to grow and dominate. Now it’s simply network effects keeping it on top the same principle which keeps other social networks and products afloat. Until a big local disrupter comes up, Nairaland will stay on the front-line.


The App is nothing to write home about


Change is the only constant thing in life. They really need to do some housekeeping and try some fresh ideas here there or else nairaland will only end up being another brand that comfort killed, just like nokia



well, according to these guys, they did not


It’s like you were standing inside my noggin just 3 days ago, just reading the hell out of my mind.


You all should watch out for http://Jackobian.com I think they are going to be a major contender with nairaland anytime soon. The boys running that stuff mean business


That site is full of ponzi schemes and scammers.


with tribalists & biased mods, I opened a throway account once to fight back, mods banned me, found an xss vuln in the site, hacked the mod and unbanned myself :joy:.

Would love to use https://www.reddit.com/r/Nigeria/ but there are very few users.

The nairaland site is literally dead, seun is just making passive income with it.