Who has a USD card he has used to successfully used to run a Facebook Ad?


I someone that I could trade naira for dollars ($1 to N500) with to clear a facebook ad bill


How much is the bill and why not use your naira card which is cheaper?


Everything amounts to $17.00 which is N8,500 in Naira


Look for a friend with a UBA naira MasterCard or get one yourself. The exchange rate is $1 to N320, that will save you about N3,000. You might not be able to pay during the day as they would have reached their global limit. Pay at or around midnight. The maximum allowed is $100 monthly per card. I hope this helps.


Oh, I have one. Would try it, hopefully, it would work. Thanks


It will definitely work. Most people are not aware. I have been making transactions almost monthly. If you have any issues, call their customer service. Regards.


Bro. Thanks a lot God bless you . It worked


GTB, Access bank and UBA cards are working in as much as you have not reached your monthly limit. Even GTBank Virtual Mastercard works too for Facebook ads. You can as well switch to the PayU option so you can be paying in Naira. That’s how I now pay for my sponsored ads…


I have both GTB Naira and Dollar cards and I’ve used both for payments on FB; however Gtbank has a $100 equivalent limit on the Naira card while you have to source for dollars to credit your dollar card this is unlimited spending though.


Please talk more on the PayU option. Any limit and what’s the exchange rate? Thanks


This refers to a Naira Based Facebook Ad Account. It is prepaid, so you need to add funds to your Ad account for your Ads to run.

This has been tested using New Facebook Accounts with Country set to Nigeria and Currency set to Naira. PayU is the Payment Processor integrated by Facebook and enables you pay with your Naira Mastercard/Visa Card.


Does any of these cards(except Dollar cards) work for Apple Music or Apple iCloud Subscription ?


@lordbanks i saw your Twitter post about Flutterwave virtual card, any news about this ?


Still waiting for chairman @iaboyeji to give the greenlight, but I feel it coming.


oga @iaboyeji we dey wait o


Sorry, I do not have any info about that.


God bless sir