Who brought down Google, CloudFlare and Spotify Networks Last Night?


So while we were all sleeping some overpaid incompetent idiot in Lagos decided to advertise Google’s IP address to China Telecom as you can see the bad press for Nigeria below and all over the Internet -


So far at least we know that -
“…the origin of this leak was the BGP peering relationship between MainOne, the Nigerian provider, and China Telecom. MainOne has a peering relationship with Google via IXPN in Lagos and has direct routes to Google, which leaked into China Telecom. While we don’t know if this was a misconfiguration or a malicious act, these leaked routes propagated from China Telecom, via TransTelecom to NTT and other transit ISPs. We also noticed that this leak was primarily propagated by business-grade transit providers and did not impact consumer ISP networks as much.”

I don’t beleive we were hacked, I just think that someone did not do their job well and the were no processes in place to make sure that our Internet Exchange do not receive bad press like this.

Any updates or press release from our Ministry? Any updates from MainOne? TechCabal FrontPage? :weary::weary:

Do anyone know what really happened?