Which startups are killing it in the tech scene


Hello guys.

So I would love to get the collective opinion of the community on this topic for both funded and Non funded startups.

Which startups are actually doing well… I.E have high turnover… Experiencing sustainable and profitable growth… Allround just performing well. And which space is the most lucrative… Seemingly.

The other day I was trying to renew my web domain and realised web4africa had switched from interswitch webpay to paystack. A friend also showed me his paystack dashboard and he had quite a good number of transactions . And I have seen a lot of integrations including kudi.ai So paystack is one. I even forsee a paystack acquisition in near future. I knw the media and every one has their head up paystacks ***… But for the first time am buying thr hype… These guys are well grounded and doing well.

Please drop any names from an observatory or first hand position. I thnk this data can help current and new founders to see a trend and build better businesses.


Any time a man wakes up is morning.


Abeg leave the brother alone, he needs data :smile:


Paylater ; Flutterwave


Interesing… Paylater has a good number of downloads, even have the app installed. Interesting if the model is actually working.


am not sure what u are impying.


@king_namo don’t take this personal, but let me go off on one.

Firstly, this post does an intellectual jujitsu; on one hand accusing the press for hyping startups. On the other hand, you want people to hype other startups. Not sure why any is better than the other.

Secondly, what does Killing it really mean for startups/founders? Does it mean they have sustainable business, or funding, or lifestyle options, or press accolade, or scratching personal itch, or impacting lives, or exit, etc. Or combination of those/other factors. It’s clear that it can mean various things to different people. At the end of the day, someone can argue that anything apart from exit is subjective.

Which leads me to the final point; we need to get out of this ‘pretend’ competition with one another. A lot of the things we think of as success (now), will prove to be ephemeral. That’s why anytime, I see a 'top startups to watch out for/that will blow, etc list, I feel we’re missing the important point.

So what’s important? It’s great to celebrate our startups doing well. But the ‘market’ in Nigeria is the biggest stumbling block. And any ‘success’ being touted is most likely a fraction of what’s on the table. Instead, encourage founders to share what they’re doing well, without the addtional pressure of killing it or not. We can be more open about loads of stuff. From processes, tactics, business models, to hiring practices. More sharing is needed to defeat the market.

P.S If you’re killing it and you want ‘hype’ but not willing to share what you’ve killed - my friend go and sit down.


Brother I didnt accuse anyone… Just implied there has been a flurry of interest in the company (and some times people can jump on the hype wagon just for the fun of it). And am saying this time the hype is correct.

Two - I dont know where you saw any mention of competition or comparison. I am just interested in studying companies that are getting it right and outlining spaces that might be tech friendly. If its about funding most times this is public information. Please read the post again I said in terms of numbers either sales and users (sustainable and profitable)

so calm down


Lol, I’m calm. Don’t know if I triggered you or something, but appears to me that you’re taking this personal.

Anyways, let me stand aside so the real killers can be put forward :sob:.


The press or hype is often not the best indication of startups that are “killing it”. You might have noticed that “really successful folks” don’t share or even talk about their numbers in public. A case in point is a privileged information about a silent billionaire running a sport betting company. It was reported that his monthly numbers are better than Konga and Jumia combined.

As @papaolabode rightly mentioned, he summed up what I think we should be more focused on…


The Press hyping a startup is a growth strategy u know?


Honestly, I’m against this whole ‘killing it’ business. I feel most times, it’s premature and doesn’t serve any real purpose. Even for the startups concerned.

Having said all that, it’s a free world. Anyone can talk about anything they want to hype. I’m also free to say my piece…


Your guess would be as good as anybody’s.


You and me both…


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