Which sites one can learn to code?


I wrote a post recently about what is the best programming language to learn for Nigerian Entrepreneurs.



If you’re trying to get your algorithms up, check out codewars.com


Try Freecodecamp.com


Videos ke?
Not everybody like that though! I mostly watch videos for Proof Of Concepts, Conferences etc.
My Learning: Tutorials, Books, Articles Before Videos. IMO

I don’t know what the guy prefer though.



Try the codeschool.com there are a lot of great tutorials on there.


People learn differently, and they learn in stages.

Yes when I started out it was books books all the way. Hardly watched videos (where was the mb sef). But after awhile I began to realize most of what I read was repetition in different wordings. There are only so many ways to explain concepts like encapsulation, polymorphism yada… yada…

Then I moved to Videos. It was fast quick and straight to the point. In fact a video i’d recommend to anybody who wants to learn programming is Stanford’s Open course by Prof. Merhan Sahami - Programming Methodology, taught in Java on YouTube that video was a revelation along with their recommended text book The Art and Science of Java (I think) I’m yet to see any video course or online introductory course that beats that.

Now I hardly even read books. Why? The technologies I use are too new. Books take time to write and tech changes drastically. Most Android books are outdated. I’m yet to find a decent book on electronJs, Swift’s and Cocoa’s API changes every year.
My only hope is: Google and Official Documentation - which when I think about it, should have been reading from day 1.

Like I said people learn differently and in stages. Books are your preference because you still have them to read. What will you do when there are no books for the technology you want to use?


Let the guy just go on YouTube because am sure he has not considered subscription fees which are probably in dollars and then face problem of paying…

Make the most out of free resources on YouTube…


That one sef dey!
All he need here is data for internet!


Book comes in different: Shape, Sizes, Types, Forms …
Take a look @ this: https://zealdocs.org/


I wrote for Ugandan devs, but it has links that will help you too. http://www.dignited.com/14564/learning-code-in-uganda-these-are-the-best-options-to-get-you-started/


Freecodecamp.com is really awesome and I recommend you try it.


Please does anyone know how one can cover the Andela curriculum Especially if one doesn’t know Python. Any suggestion cause I want into Andelaaaaaaaaa. Its kind of tough


Success != Andela


hahha… really