Which sites one can learn to code?


Apart from codecademy and codeavengers what other sites one can learn how to code…and is similar to both codecademy and codeavengers? Codecademy is really frustrating.


Want to explain why?


I was learning html and css using codecademy my level has reached 92% then logged out when i came back to continue from where i stopped it took my back to the beginning…same thing now in jquery… and javascript.


Heard of treehouse, tutplus?


I have heard of treeehouse but ihave not tried them…tutplus? i hearing about it for the first time.


is a really great site to learn how to code. Their CS101 course is very good for beginners because it doesn’t just teach coding but also fundamental CS concepts. Plus they have courses in virtually everything… Javascript, Python, Java, Android, Machine Learning, Robotics, Data Mining, UX Design, Frontend and Backend Web Development.


This may help:


Youtube is another gold mine for learning how to code. Some channels are dedicated to teaching different languages, and have a detailed breakdown of concepts. But this may not be ideal for those who do not have access to unlimited wifi or alot of data (I guess there are ways around this though).


Thought udacity deeals with video tutorials?


try New Boston they have very practical youtube tube videos which you can follow through






Site not working.


@emeka Try tutorialspoint.com and edx.org




and if you want to learn prototyping to better understand your UX then look at this


You have so many resources on YouTube


Those guys are funny!


Default to: https://www.w3schools.com/



Some good YouTube Tutorials you just have to search well


There are numerous resources out there to get you started, Here’s my answer for you…

  • You should choose and weigh your line of interest
  • Read articles that summarize your line of interest and equip you with areas you need to get strengthened in.
  • Focus on data structure, architecture and design patterns & maybe algorithms while also learning best practices used in solving real world problems.
  • Take short coding courses on Udemy, eDx and other MooCs.You would quickly broaden your knowledge on that subject area
  • Read a book specific to your interest(Javascript, Python, Rails etc) This will help you with depth of already broadened knowledge areas.
  • Don’t stop at the samples in these tutorials. Try code things you’ve seen or thought about
  • Code not alone, Build to Solve.