Which local top level domain is better for a "Nigerian Startup" .com.ng vs .ng


I’ve been thinking about this for quite sometime and thought i should share it here to get general opinions, so which do you prefer or better yet which sounds more professional for a startup?


The .com in .com.ng is redundant IMO.


It actually is, but why is .ng very expensive compared to .com or .com.ng?


I don’t know why it’s expensive (It’s way cheaper now) but if you’re going to startup with it, it’s well worth it. with the com.ng you’ll be adding unnecessary chars to your url.

The advantage to it being expensive is many great domains haven’t been registered ex: sleepi.ng


Just get .com if you can.

But if you can’t , .ng is alot better than .com.ng


Seconded, .ng domain is way better


Although .ng is alot shorter .com.ng (specifically by 4 chars), they each have a role in the internet space. The .com.ng signifies company operating in/for Nigeria whereas .ng signifies a target at Nigeria and/or not at all. It can be considered another option to .com, .xyz or .trade (TLDs).

Food for thought,
Ever wonder why Google is using google.com.ng instead of .ng or etisalat.com.ng and not .ng?

The sweet part is that, both domains are from the same registry (NiRA) which means you get equal level of technical reliability and management. However, .ng is premium while .com.ng is not. Nonetheless what you are trying to do will tell explain better on what to choose.

Personally, I use both depending on what I am trying to build. Eg, my company uses [gigalayer.com.ng] because we operate and target Nigeria (https://www.gigalayer.com.ng), the choice is all in what you want to do anyway.


So basically what you are implying is, if I’m building a site that’s not limited to Nigeria I should go for the .com.ng else .ng, right?


Neither of the domains is limiting you, maybe for .com.ng (Nigeria) if you are building in Nigeria OR for Nigeria and .ng if you are building for Nigeria OR even the world.

Like I said earlier, the .ng is a 2ndlevel domain like .com, .net, .trade, .xyz etc
While .com.ng is a 3rd level for commercial businesses in Nigeria or for Nigeria.


I always try to come up with a .com domain name that is short. It doesn’t have to be an English word or something that have meaning. It’s okay for me if it’s unique and can be pronounced. For example, I run this site www.scrept.com. This may not be a cool name idea for some people, but personally I really like it.
But between .com.ng and .ng domain, it seems like many startups in Nigeria prefer to use a .ng than a .com.ng. Technically, I don’t think it matters that much which one to use between the two so long as your target audience are Nigerians, but I’ll personally prefer a .ng domain as well because it’s short. It can even make up a part of your brand name, just like in the case of hotels.ng


For Google country bound restrictions still hold. International targeting on GSC explicitly made it clear that country top-level domains are accorded priority in that specific country in Google Search. Not otherwise!