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When I announced the launch of Pukena Acadamy late last year as a school of refinement for the Nigerian informal sector (Read it here http://pukena.ng/blog/how-pukena-changing-service-industry), little did I know we are in for something big.

Now we have several banks and hotels who want us to train their cleaning staff on etiquette. Even households and individuals are sending in the names of their handymen for further “brushing up”

My vision with Pukena Academy is to glorify the informal sector. Have you seen a cleaner who speaks good english? You will soon see them emerging from our academy.

Your nannies, house cooks, drivers, security man, need this training, even for your own safety and the safety of your children.

Register your house maintenance staff in Pukena Academy today.

How to register:

Fill our online form here http://pukena.ng/pro-page
We would confirm and send you the full schedule of their training tailored to suit your needs.

If you have any artisan and service provider who you think needs this training, please nominate them here http://pukena.ng/nominate-service-pro

Let’s empower these amazing craftsmen!