Where can I get stats on types of mobile devices being used to connect in Nigeria?


Currently working on a mobile app but need data on the type of devices being used in Nigeria. I’m talking whether iOS and the many variations of Andriod. I am more interested in knowing the type of Andriod’s, from HTC, Techno, OnePlus, Genio etc etc. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great.


Google play


Here you go
Attached is my Google Analytics report accross 3 years (Nigerian Radio Stations)
Roughly 200K Nigerian users, globally distributed…regular mobile app users

my data shows…
Iphone…single most used by active app users
Android…platform with the most number of users
Samsung…Manufacturer with most number of devices
IPPO Q10…most popular Android device

Hope the info helps you
Let me know if you want to understand the demographics more…i can send you a pdf


Hi, thanks for this. I will be in touch. Cheers


I don’t have as robust stats but mine is spread a little over a year mostly for android and it’s shows Samsung tied with Infinix (about 23% each),then Tecno (19%), itel (6%) and Gionee (3%) as leading phone brands.

Users are 87% Nigerians in Nigeria
For users in in Nigeria, our iphone data is sparse since they account for only about 1.5% of our users.

(It might be interesting to note though that the Afmobi Group own the Infinix, Tecno and itel brands. So they are ahead by far…)


Thanks for this. I’m trying to drill down the data to actually find out the phone models which will give me the specifics. Would love to know how many of the phones are NFC enabled?


NFC? That i cant say

The most popular devices are the
-Infinix x551 Hot Note
-Infinix X557 Lite HOT 4 Lite
-Infinix X510 Hot 2
-Infinix X557 Infinix HOT 4
-Tecno W3
-Tecno C-8 Camon C8
and so on in that order…

But a quick check will show that they mostly don’t have NFC support.
The manufacturer’s of the lower end-medium range devices tend to reduce cost by forgoing most extra features.
Even sensors like gyroscopes and magnetometers don’t make the cut ( challenging if you are in VR)


Was gonna share my small data from Google analytics. But it not too different from what you already have. Mostly Android devices, a huge number of the devices are from Chinese OEMs and as for NFC, it feels like Christmas when a Chinese OEM release a device with NFC feature.


hahahaa i hear you sir, thanks all the same.


Nice one, I dig into this and see what comes up.


Last 12 months data. Hope it helps


Thank you very much, appreciate it.


Pls can i get a copy of your google analytics .Thanks



Good day. Pls i would like the pdf as well. this is my email: ologun01@yahoo.com



@jamesbond @ologun01 and anyone else interested here you go NRS stats


thank you:)


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