What's your thought about this design?



The logo icon looks weird but who am I to judge :slight_smile:

I’d suggest you keep the alignment to the right for the name and profession also, as for the rest … looks nice and clear.


thanks and why is the logo weird to you


With some trimming here and there, that icon can become a sleek and shiny ident. However, the Typographia just ruins everything. It won’t hurt to set the type just besides the icon, such that icon and type are the same height. Good thing you have going is that the icon is unusual that it’s memorable. Work with that.


Not modern and sleek. Use better design fonts and icons


@bigdeemj, I think the drawing/icon is pretty good. Like it’s something I would want if I was making a cartoon or a comic book. For that it’s a good fit. But for my business/company card/logo, I’ll turn it down.


thanks for the idea


hi. can you show me what a modern business card looks like so i have an idea what you are saying. thanks


hi. you said comic, the design was for an animator and graphic designer and i believe a good animation should have a comic feel so thats why the design has a comic feel too